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Hormesis: How Certain Kinds of Stress Can Actually Be Good for You | Mark's Daily Apple
Discusses some mechanisms of Hormesis in which the body becomes stronger due to “natural” stressors
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4 weeks ago by csrollyson
タイムラインが闇堕ちする仕組み|深津 貴之 (fladdict)|note
商業 SNS が地獄と化す仕組みへの解説。かなり納得が行くところがある。
SNS  Hell  Mechanism  Knowledge  Tips 
august 2019 by kalaclista
Abstraction and the Organization of Mechanisms | Philosophy of Science: Vol 80, No 2
Proponents of mechanistic explanation all acknowledge the importance of organization. But they have also tended to emphasize specificity with respect to parts and operations in mechanisms. We argue that in understanding one important mode of organization—patterns of causal connectivity—a successful explanatory strategy abstracts from the specifics of the mechanism and invokes tools such as those of graph theory to explain how mechanisms with a particular mode of connectivity will behave. We discuss the connection between organization, abstraction, and mechanistic explanation and illustrate our claims by looking at an example from recent research on so-called network motifs.
philosophy_of_science  networks  explanation  mechanism 
july 2019 by rvenkat
507 Mechanical Movements
Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements, now Animated for the Internet.
mechanics  engineering  mechanical  mechanism  howto  animation 
june 2019 by garrettc

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