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Turkey Meatloaf-Americas Test Kitchen
Don't overlook the benefits of a good meatloaf; though humble, it can be just the thing for a comforting meal, and leftovers make great sandwiches. Turkey meatloaf offers a lighter take on the classic, but because store-bought ground turkey is fine and pasty, it often comes out dense and mushy. To fix this, we exchanged the usual bread panade for quick oats, which added some chew and opened up the loaf's texture. Cornstarch, Parmesan, butter, and egg yolks enriched the turkey's thin ...
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7 weeks ago by jessrademacher
Meatloaf Transcendent - WSJ
The recipe takes as its starting point Ms. Willis’s mother’s traditional version—a beef and pork base, onions, garlic, and plenty of ketchup and Worcestershire sauce—then incorporates some ingenious upgrades: rolled oats instead of bread crumbs, which Ms. Willis said create “texture and lightness”; buttermilk in place of milk, for tang; roasted mushrooms, which add umami and retain moisture; and soy sauce for depth of flavor. A sweet hoisin BBQ sauce, served on the side, nods to Ms. Willis’s father’s Chinese barbecue pork.
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september 2018 by dwalbert

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