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영어번역 Measurements (size) 231
Measurements (size)
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When you want to state the size of something, you usually use a number, a measurement noun, and an adjective. The verb you use is b...
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6 weeks ago by JINHONG
Global Carbon Project - Wikipedia
the GCP projects fossil CO2 emissions in 2018 to rise [...] to a record 37.1 billion tonnes (Gt [gigatons/gigatonnes]) CO2
climate  co2  global  carbon  emissions  measurements  quantification 
8 weeks ago by xavi
Top DIY Mistakes That You Don’t Want to Make
There are few common pitfalls that both rookie and veteran DIYers experience. Keep reading to learn more about DIY mistakes that you don't want to make.
DIY-projects  measurements  safety 
july 2019 by Adventure_Web

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