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A survey of the existence of GPS interference in Europe « Electronic Environment
"One of the objectives of STRIKE3 is the deployment and operation of an international GNSS interference monitoring network to capture the scale and dynamics of the problem, and to work with international GNSS partners to develop, negotiate, promote and implement standards for threat reporting and receiver testing."

"This article presents measurement results from a survey of the existence of GPS interference and jammers within Europe. The measurement started in the late March 2016 and ended in the beginning of July 2016. Interference detection equipment were deployed ‘as is’ in seven European countries; Sweden, UK, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Finland, see fig. 1. In total eleven different site locations are covered among these countries."

"there is a huge variation in the number of weekly events at each site, with some sites having only a few detections per week whereas others have several hundred ... The most active sites appear to be those next to major roads or in city center locations. These are also the busiest sites in terms of vehicles (which may carry jammers) and other sorts of activity"

", the greatest number of chirp type events (which are likely to be intentional and are associated with vehicle jammers) are seen at site 8 and site 10, with a significant number also seen at site 5. Those three sites are close to busy roads and hence that probably explains the high number of these types of events."
EU  Horizon2020  GNSS  GPS  cybersecurity  vulnerability  measurement  jamming 
2 days ago by pierredv
Transfer market – Contagious I/O
Solution / United Airlines and Mcgarrybowen in New York created a campaign that would change New Yorkers’ minds about Newark. The airline fitted 125 New York City taxis with digital displays that gave live comparisons of travel times to JFK and Newark. Mcgarrybowen worked with Verifone to create the technology, which was synced with taxi-hailing app Curb to give journey-time estimates based on the cars location and traffic. The campaign was supported with billboards, bus shelters, phone kiosks, newsstands, and in-airport units.
outdoor  ti  measurement  targeting  location  creative 
3 days ago by dancall
TVision Insights - The Only Source for TV Attention Data
TVision Insights tells you who’s really watching every second of TV programming and advertising.
television  analytics  measurement  ml  USA 
4 days ago by shalmaneser
5 Tips for Finding Future Music Stars with Data | Instrumental
In this weekend’s Financial Times Magazine, Instrumental featured in an article titled ‘Music’s Moneyball Moment’, which explores a new opportunity available to labels, publishers, promoters and anyone else running a business in music - use data to find future music stars with the potential to drive business growth.

So how does it all work? Surprisingly, it’s not all spreadsheets and analytics, it requires a cultural shift within organisations and practical adjustments to the scouting processes.
music  new-companies  casestudies  measurement  how-to  future  trends 
5 days ago by dancall
About us | Instrumental - Music 'Moneyball' company
Instrumental uses machine learning to discover emerging talent, predominantly for the music and entertainment industry. Our proprietary platform is the leading online scouting tool used by record labels, music publishers, live promoters, book publishers and a select number of consumer brands to identify high value artists and creators for commercial partnerships.
music  measurement  future  trends  casestudies  new-companies 
5 days ago by dancall
Study: Discrepancies surround Smart TV ‘consent’ |
In the study, only 13 per cent of people being tracked actually knew they were being monitored AND recalled agreeing to the Terms of Service for their Smart TV. Another 49 per cent of people were unsure if their TV viewing habits were being monitored – yet 62 per cent of them had TVs connected to the Internet. While data companies are adamant that they receive viewers’ consent, 75 per cent of the consumers in Ace Metrix’s study had no idea how they gave ‘consent’ in the first place.

Ace Metrix suggests that some Smart TV manufacturers are particularly shady with respect to collecting detailed consumer data without their knowledge or consent. From the consumer side, most people would not think their default privacy setting allows almost limitless access to their behaviour (through their IP Address) when they set up their new TV.
tv  measurement  legal  fail 
9 days ago by dancall
Rethinking NPS for API Quality
Since moving away from NPS, we’ve gone to a much more straightforward average of reviewer scores. While each of these have a high degree of nuance, at a high level APIs are scored on:

Standards Adherence
Completeness of the Documentation
Consistency and Cohesion with Previously Published Work
Viability to Exist as an API Product
The average score remains useful for leadership to know where they are in their API design maturity. But what is much more actionable for teams is directed feedback. A team that learns that their design averaged a score of “6” could cast about for changes to make on their next version. Or they could address a detailed list of concerns.
nps  quality  measurement  apis  products  assessment  governance 
11 days ago by earth2marsh
.@netblocks and @cipesaug to launch COST tool at the Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa
The Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA)* and NetBlocks* today announced the planned launch of a new tool designed to measure the economic cost of internet shutdowns. COST (the Cost of Shutdown Tool) is due to go live at the Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa, set to take place on September 26-28. Note that both CIPESA and NetBlocks have previously received OTF support.

NetBlocks first showed off the new tool a couple months ago at RightsCon.

From the groups' joint announcement: "'Lаunching the COST tool at FIFAfrica is vital to support the advocacy and documentation efforts against shutdowns on the continent,' Ashnah Kalemera, Programme Manager, CIPESA, said.

'We hope that the economic loss proven by the tool will support litigation efforts as well strengthen pushbacks which will include the private sector', she added.

CIPESA and NetBlocks will move forward as official partners. Both organisations are part of the #KeepItOn coalition against internet shutdowns, and support fast, reliable and open access to the Internet and knowledge online as a tenet of democracy, freedom of speech and economic prosperity."

The setting is appropriate, given the history of countries on the African continent shutting down the internet during election periods, to quell protests, and other politically sensitive times.
otf  cost  netblocks  cipesa  africa  shutdown  measurement 
12 days ago by dmcdev

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