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Dimensions guide
A guide to the dimensions of common things. Also great images for decks
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3 hours ago by treblekicker
16 Ways to Measure Network Effects – Andreessen Horowitz
In a business with network effects, the share of organic users relative to paid users (the ones you spend to acquire) should increase over time. This is because as the network grows and becomes more valuable for users to join, more users should want to join on their own.

For companies with direct-side network effects (also called demand-side increasing returns), such as Facebook, the organic share will grow as people get their friends to join the platform — because their own experiences also improve as a result. For two-sided marketplaces such as Airbnb, eBay, and others, the organic share of new users grows as more suppliers (housing, sellers) and buyers want to join the network to get access — because of the potential revenue and variety of choice there.
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21 hours ago by dancall
Dimensions.Guide | Database of Sizes
Dimensions.Guide is a comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world. Created as a universal resource to better communicate the basic properties, systems, and logics of our built environment, Dimensions.Guide is a free platform for increasing public and professional knowledge of life and design. Updated daily.
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yesterday by jbrennan
Are You Looking To Better Track Activity Across Buyer Stages, Channels & Campaigns? Introducing B2B Marketing Analytics from SqueezeCMM
B2B Marketing Analytics that are specific to your business. Your marketing programs are unique, your analytics need to be too.
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2 days ago by kpieper876
How to Find the Next Great Restaurant Neighborhood
There are a lot of pros to opening a restaurant in a yet-to-be-established neighborhood, especially on the financial side. Since the Samsons were the first to sign in the development, to protect themselves, they asked for an occupancy clause in the lease. That way if the place didn’t fill out by a certain amount of time, they could get out of it. They asked for rent abatements, which included free rent during the build out. That was particularly helpful, says Dina.

“We learned from Sotto that when you have that inexpensive rent, it gives you time to build clientele,” she added. “You can get to know your neighborhood and your customers. Once you get the locals support, they’ll keep coming back. There are a lot of people living and working downtown, and we’ve nurtured those relationships.”
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5 days ago by dancall
Apple Grows Its Health Sector With Doctor Hires |
Apple has hired a slew of medical doctors to help the company develop and integrate health technologies into its Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone.
Citing two people familiar with the company’s hiring, CNBC reported that the move also suggests that Apple is working on developing applications to help people with serious medical problems. Sources have revealed that the company currently employs as many as 50 doctors, with many not disclosing their role at Apple.
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5 days ago by dancall
The annual PornHub year in review tells us what we’re really looking at online | TechCrunch
Just as ‘1080p’ searches had been a defining term in 2017, now ‘4k’ ultra-hd has seen a significant increase in popularity through-out 2018. The popularity of ‘Romantic’ videos more than doubled, and remained twice as popular with female visitors when compared to men.

Searches referring to the dating app ‘Tinder’ grew by 161% among women, 113% among men and 131% by visitors aged 35 to 44. It was also a top trending term in many countries including the United Kingdom and Australia. The number of Tinder themed fantasy date videos on the site is now more than 3500.

Life imitates art, and eventually porn imitates everything, so perhaps it’s no surprise to see that ‘Bowsette’ also made our list of searches that defined 2018. After the original Nintendo fan-art went viral, searches for Bowsette exceeded 3 million in just one week and resulted in the release of a live-action Bowsette themed porn parody (NSFW) with more than 720,000 views.
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5 days ago by dancall
Objectivity as standardization in data-scientific education policy, technology and governance: Learning, Media and Technology: Vol 0, No 0
"New data-driven technologies appear to promise a new era of accuracy and objectivity in scientifically-informed educational policy and governance. The data-scientific objectivity sought by education policy, however, is the result of practices of standardization and quantification deployed to settle controversies about the definition and measurement of human qualities by rendering them as categories and numbers. Focusing on the emerging policy agenda of ‘social and emotional learning and skills,’ this paper examines the practices of ‘objectivity-making’ underpinning this new field. Objectivity-making depends on three translations of (1) scientific expertise into standardized and enumerable definitions, (2) standardization into measurement technologies, and (3) the data produced through measurement technologies into objective policy-relevant knowledge, which consolidates a market in SEL technologies. The paper sheds light on knowledge-making practices in the era of big data and policy science, and their enduring reliance on the precarious construction of objectivity as a key legitimator of policy-relevant scientific knowledge and ‘evidence-based’ education governance."
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5 days ago by robertogreco
Dimensions.Guide | The Database of Sizes
A comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our built environment.
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7 days ago by garrettc

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