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We Are Family: Fathers' Time with Children and the Risk of Parental Relationship Dissolution | Social Forces | Oxford Academic
"... the sole correlate of parental relationship dissolution is shared time spent in family meals. This correlation holds only for shared family mealtime in which families are not simultaneously watching television. Further analysis suggests that high-quality shared family mealtimes may lower the risk of relationship dissolution..."
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Maaltijden bestellen - Gooise Tafel
Gooise Tafel Maaltijdservice, verse maaltijdbezorging in 't Gooi, Baarn, Soest, Muiden, Weesp & Wijdemeren. Elke dag vers, lekker, makkelijk en gezond!
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Maaltijdbezorging aan huis, geniet dagelijks van een Gezonde en Verse Maaltijd. Maak kennis met onze maaltijdservice en bestel direct een proefmaaltijd!
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Cook Smarts Meal Planning
Say bye to your food rut, spoiled food, and unhealthy takeout
Simple, healthy, flexible meal plans and grocery lists designed for your busy life
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The People Who Eat the Same Meal Every Day
"She came to think of this default selection as reducing her 'cognitive overhead'—a way of not expending mental energy on something that wasn’t a high priority for her."
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