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“Je n'avais rien prévu de tout ça, mais je ne pouvais m'empêcher de penser à toi et ça, ce n'était pas acceptable. Ne perds pas tout espoir en moi. Je ne peux rien te promettre, mais je peux essayer de faire mieux.”
author:recrudescence  inception:fic  p:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  *  this  killed  me  when  i  was  new  to  them  and  kills  more  now. 
yesterday by kinneys
Visualizing Cities
My project on Visualizing fatalities in Washington DC was in the shortlist for Research category for Visualizing Cities 2018 exhibition in Berlin.
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2 days ago by rasagy
How Video Game Company CEO Strauss Zelnick Stays ​Fit
It’s Zelnick’s ultimate secret for never blowing a workout: Never go it alone. The man who revitalized the company behind the Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K franchises has built a sexagenarian body that can pass for a decade younger by gutting out workouts like this six mornings a week — and always doing it with company.

Zelnick’s too busy for boring. By 8:30 every morning,he’s all over Manhattan, rapid-firing emails on the subway between meetings. Need him? He prefers breakfast bench-pressing to the business lunches he’s attended for decades, first as CEO of music powerhouse BMG Entertainment and now as head of Zelnick Media Capital,which he founded 17 years ago.

Workouts rejuvenate Zelnick’s body—and serve a business purpose. He once went cycling with a potential business partner, then decided he’d never work with the man. “I just knew something because of the demeanor,the behavior, the engagement,”he says. “When you’re sweating, all barriers drop quickly.”
how-to-change  me  habit-to-adopt  fitness-advice  fitness  fitness-for-busy-person  morning-workout  morning-routine 
4 days ago by lwhlihu
Brian Boyer at Newsgeist US 2018 - YouTube
Five minutes of heartbreak, cussing and, um… journalism business models. My @newsgeist ignite talk:
8 days ago by brianboyer

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