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The Gotts Commercial - YouTube
RT @britterpated: It's Gotts to be Gotts. #soblessed #mohawkartscollective #GottsStore #MDI
mohawkartscollective  GottsStore  soblessed  MDI 
december 2017 by mshook
AMI cable rerouted to center console
Great car weekend, after the winter driving school on Saturday (see other post) I finished up stage 2 of my AMI cable re-route project on Sunday. People on here have done much more impressive versions of this, but I was happy with the way it came out. Used two CableJive DockExtenders, a 6' and a 2'. Routed the cable out the back of the glove box, under the center console trim and through the back of the compartment under the armrest.

Stage 1 was last weekend, I removed the glove ...
audi  mmi  mdi 
september 2016 by willtcarey

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