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No Touching
“Is it just that you can’t bear to keep your hands off me for the next nine hours?”
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  romance  cute  humor  0-999  happy!fic 
4 days ago by popkin16
Mission Accomplished
Evan's having a difficult time getting self-conscious Rodney to relax enough to get naked and get his photo taken.
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  outside.pov  humor  cute  lorne  1000-9999 
12 days ago by popkin16
Words to Live By
Six months versus a couple of hours, it was hard to believe.

John found himself looking at everyone and everything closely, trying to see the changes that six months of separation would have wrought - hell knows that there had been plenty changed wrought in him - but there was nothing to see.

In the aftermath of 'Epiphany', John has some abandonment issues.
sga  mcshep  canon  episode.related  angst  hurt/comfort  romance  first!time  respoftw  1000-9999 
13 days ago by popkin16
Spare a Thought (For Me)
Rodney remembers John from the times they spent together when they were younger, but he's pretty sure John doesn't remember him, and why would he, anyway?
sga  mcshep  canon  au  earthside  pre-atlantis  meet.young  first!time  cute  kid!fic  romance  10000-29999  episode.related 
16 days ago by popkin16
John checks out Rodney's new shirt. Rodney notices.
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  canon  episode.related  humor  cute  1000-9999  chelle 
18 days ago by popkin16
Hard Work
Getting clean after a messy mission.
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  canon  hot  pwp  romance  chelle  1000-9999 
18 days ago by popkin16
Friendship at the Edge of the World
John and Rodney are polar opposites - quite literally, since Rodney is stuck up in the Arctic Circle and John is biding his time in Antarctica - but they forge a friendship nonetheless.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  romance  first!time  cute  happy!fic  brumeier  1000-9999 
22 days ago by popkin16
Everyone wears a collar of some color, but Rodney hates his, and he's about had enough of bowing to stupid social mores.
sga  mcshep  canon  au  bdsm  sub!rodney  dom!john  angst  romance  hot  10000-29999 
23 days ago by popkin16
Damnit John
Dr. Meredith Mckay and Major John Sheppard have known each other for years. They don't, however known what the other does for a living outside of scientist and military black ops. That changes when they both get assigned to work in Antarctica.
sga  mcshep  canon  au  marriage  episode.related  romance  hurt/comfort  wip  10000-29999 
23 days ago by popkin16
Sight Unseen
After John's ignominious departure from the Air Force he rents a beach cottage in Oregon, a quiet place to work on his PTSD and figure out what's next in his life. But after he finds a journal left by the previous occupant, John develops an irrational connection to Rodney McKay. When Rodney shows up on his doorstep after having been missing for two years and dealing with his own trauma, can they co-exist at the cottage?
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  romance  angst  hurt/comfort  30000-49999  brumeier  gorgeous/favorite 
24 days ago by popkin16
Atlantis Apothecary & Pegasus Cafe
Pegasus Cafe, conveniently located inside the new age shop known as Atlantis Apothecary, is testing out a new banana bread recipe. Somehow, Evan Lorne needs to both hand out free samples and casually avoid a handsome tarot reader.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  romance  first!time  series  lorne  ronon/other  cute  1000-9999 
24 days ago by popkin16
The Sound of Silence
John had always associated Rodney’s voice with safety.

That’s what made the whole thing so damn cruel.
sga  mcshep  canon  angst  hurt/comfort  pre-slash  romance  1000-9999  respoftw 
24 days ago by popkin16
Phobia was one of those overused words that people attributed to their mild aversions or petty fears, not fully understanding the extremity of a true phobia.
sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  angst  hurt/comfort  sweet  lorne  1000-9999  respoftw 
26 days ago by popkin16
Schrödinger Might Disagree
A mission goes wrong, the natives are a bit beyond restless, and Rodney really hates being the guy that gets hit by the projectiles. And there's definitely something about a cat...
sga  mcshep  canon  team  first!time  romance  angst  hurt/comfort  hot  10000-29999  bottom!rodney  pining!rodney  pining!john 
27 days ago by popkin16
Friday, I'm in Love
Rodney begrudgingly agrees to spend a week with the Fab Five. It's not terrible.
sga  mcshep  first!time  earthside  team  humor  happy!fic  romance  crossover/fusion  1000-9999  gorgeous/favorite 
29 days ago by popkin16
Dearest by lavvyan
04-877-57-7G was sixteen when he was finally transferred to his owner.
a/u:sci-fi  sga  mcshep 
4 weeks ago by miteymidget

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