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a winter's tale
A winter’s gale once tugged free from the ground the pegs that held their tent secure on one side.
sga  earthside  marriage  mckay/emmagan  author:siriaeve 
march 2009 by mischief5
A Path of Stars
"I know you do not hear this often, so I hope you will listen carefully: You are wrong, Rodney."
sga  first_time  mckay/emmagan  author:perspi 
march 2009 by mischief5
your mouth as some surprise
Injured and stranded on a distant planet, Teyla and Rodney wait for John and Ronon to bring help back from Atlantis.
sga  offworld  first_time  mckay/emmagan  author:siriaeve 
march 2009 by mischief5
Abad Min by Cate
Teyla laid a hand on Rodney's arm. "Abad, min," she whispered, fondly. "All is well."
sga  sweet  mckay/emmagan  teyla_emmagan  author:sheafrotherdon 
march 2009 by mischief5
And that ended up being the real, anticlimactic end of it: John pushing his way into Rodney's room late one night and kissing him fiercely.
sga  mckay/sheppard  sheppard/emmagan  sheppard/dex  mckay/emmagan  humor  angst  author:speranza 
march 2009 by mischief5
"I don't do pop," Rodney said, scowling, and planted himself firmly at a table. "Also house, techno, hip-hop, or anything else that requires me to suspend all musical taste and judgment. No."
sga  straight!john  mckay/sheppard  mckay/emmagan  author:astolat 
january 2009 by mischief5
Linnaeus Says So, by halotolerant
'Mr Gensen, who had hair so blonde it was almost blinding, nodded at Rodney: “They do say,” he said genially, “that the mulatto, such as your girl, are the best of the slave races'
sga  slave!fic  earthside  internal_au  mckay/emmagan  sheppard/dex  author:halotolerant 
december 2008 by mischief5
bad skin day
Teyla reaches out and rests a careful hand on Rodney's shoulder; under her palm, the set of his shoulder is tense, and there is a stain on the cloth that looks like blood.
sga  angst  sweet  mckay/emmagan  author:siriaeve 
november 2008 by mischief5
"All right, if you put it that way, it might make a certain depraved kind of logical sense," Rodney said, grumpily. This fic hurts a bit, especially seeing John in pain when he doesn't understand why (pining for Rodney!). His "solution" to the problem is
sga  straight!john  humor  first_time  jealousy  mckay/sheppard  mckay/emmagan  author:astolat 
september 2008 by mischief5
Lingua Franca
"Does it bother you that we do not speak the same language?"
sga  language  romance  mckay/emmagan  author:trinityofone 
august 2008 by mischief5

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