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2000 Ways Not to Make a Lightbulb - by SHCombatalade
Nyota first met Spock in the second grade – room 21, Mrs. O’Brien’s class. Their birthdays were both the ninth of April, though she was turning eight and he was turning six, and they both were sent to the principal’s office on the very first day for refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. “I don’t hate this country,” she explains to the principal in perfect, precise language, “I just don’t agree with the elementary school indoctrination into its Eurocentric, imperialist history.”

“I’m not American,” Spock adds simply, voice as sharp as the line of his haircut and the angle of his cheekbones. He says a few more things, only a portion of them in English, and Nyota says a lot more things, only a portion of them under three syllables, and the principal rolls his eyes and doesn’t call their parents and releases them back to class.

She takes his hand in the hallway and he freezes, staring at their intertwined fingers in confusion. “My family is from Burundi,” she explains without explaining, because she thinks if anyone else might understand, it might be Spock – his father is the Israeli ambassador to the U.N. but his mother dropped him off this morning in a beautiful pink hijab. “They moved here in the 70s.”

Spock is only five and a half and he speaks English as though it’s not even a second language – maybe third or fourth – in short and specific phrases. Still, he nods his head and squeezes her hand like he knows exactly what she’s trying to tell him. “American media dictates that we are friends now.”

She beams at him, wide around the three missing teeth that haven’t grown in yet.
st:aos  au  mccoy/uhura  kirk/spock  civilians 
november 2018 by runpunkrun
and like a speeding car (you want more, more, more) - mardia - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Written for the 'Uhura Is Awesome' ficfest for where_no_woman, and fills this prompt: McCoy likes to get down on his knees.
startrek  mccoy/uhura  femdom  pegging  cunnilingus 
april 2018 by kesfire
Rule 69
“The tentacle man was bipedal,” Nyota shot back, shuddering in spite of herself. The fire tea didn’t soften the memories the way she’d hoped it would. “You’re being a little speciest, don’t you think?” Gaila said with a sniff. “And anyway, that was how many years ago now? Seven? Come on, I know you better now. This guy has two arms and two legs. That’s all. I swear.” “Four limbs,” Nyota muttered. “Excellent.” She might be on the rebound, but she thought she could set her standards a little higher than that. “Four limbs and a PhD,” Gaila added, and Nyota’s head snapped up. Gaila leaned in closer, scenting blood in the water. “He was first in his class at the Academy,” she practically purred. “He graduated from high school when he was fifteen.” “What’s the catch?” Nyota asked, narrowing her eyes.
rating:teen  length:5001-10000  StarTrek  McCoy/Uhura 
january 2018 by sansets
Rule 69 by igrockspock
"When Nyota agreed to let Gaila set her up on a blind date, she never imagined it would be with Dr. McCoy -- and she definitely never imagined that she would end up liking him."
i liked this
fandom:star_trek  author:igrockspock  mccoy/uhura 
january 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
The Wingman - by noodleinabarrel (T'hy'la Bang 2017)
“Considering the intimate nature of human friendships based on the verbal exchange of emotional experiences for commiseration and evaluation, I have extrapolated a ninety-two point eight percent likelihood that you are familiar with the details of the captain’s past romantic relationships and his preferences in prospective suitors.”

Leonard snorted. Jim’s serial dating had eased since the commencement of their five-year mission, but three years rooming with Jim at the Academy had given Leonard enough details about his friend’s love life to last him a life time. Jim liked to share, even when Leonard didn’t feel like listening. Like at three in the morning when Jim had returned from a date with a fellow cadet, or an officer temporarily posted at Starfleet headquarters, or someone who had caught his eye at the air train stop that morning.

“If you’re after some juicy gossip about the captain, ask him yourself. The kid loves to brag.”

Spock continued to stare at the photo, a crease forming between his brows. “At this juncture in my research, a secondary source would be preferable.”

Leonard massaged his temples to ease the headache beginning to thrum against his skull. “What’s this all about, Spock?”

“I am here to offer my assistance in your romantic endeavors with Lieutenant Uhura.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  mccoy/uhura  spock&mccoy  flirting  pining  jealousy 
june 2017 by runpunkrun
Strike the water of the Nile by marie_l
"Uhura and McCoy are trapped on a planet of the dying, racing to find a cure that will save the rest of the planet and themselves."
fandom:star_trek  mccoy/uhura 
july 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
something like a phenomena by mardia
"Neither one of them is going to say no, because they don't want to."
fandom:star_trek  author:mardia  mccoy/uhura  nc-17  kink:bondage 
june 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
and like a speeding car (you want more, more, more) by mardia
"Nyota has to admit, this is not how she planned their first date to go."
fandom:star_trek  author:mardia  mccoy/uhura  nc-17 
june 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
raphaela667: my second choice (my best bet)
Her first date with McCoy is a good one: coffee and a museum in San Francisco. She enjoys it, likes talking to him. His humor is honest, but he's never cruel. He’s intelligent. He’s not bad looking. He makes her laugh. He talks about Jim Kirk more than she'd maybe like him to, but maybe that’s what she’s looking for. It’s only been a few weeks, and she still can’t look Kirk in the eye. Might never be able to again.

She only asked Leonard (she's never heard anyone call him that before, but she decides that she will, now) to come with her the day after the ship's gossip got around that the Captain and the First Officer were going home together. And Kirk had told Scotty he didn't plan on getting out of bed all damn week. Why anyone tells Scotty anything, she's never known. Though she suspects Kirk might've wanted that to get around the Fleet.

She'd found McCoy, who she has always liked anyway, and asked if he would spend the next day with her.
st:aos  mccoy/uhura  kirk/spock  uhura  marriage  update 
may 2016 by runpunkrun
Nothing so certain as your anchors by thistlerose
"On an away mission, Uhura is the only one to witness McCoy's abduction by smugglers. She has only a few seconds to decide whether to run for help or try to save him herself."
fandom:star_trek  genfic  mccoy/uhura  author:thistlerose 
february 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
Panoramic Constants - A S Leer (AriannaSterling)
Jim is a delinquent with a record long enough to reach from Earth to Vulcan. Spock is training to be a priest, determined to make his father proud. The collision might do them both some good.
kirk/spock  mccoy/uhura  fic:startrek 
november 2013 by laricinas
Sestina by Lyricoloratura
In space, you need your friends. Jim's been taken hostage, the Enterprise is threatened in enemy territory, and the crew must risk everything to try to save their captain. Very slow to start, but decently done apart from POV. Slow updates.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:chaos  kirk/spock  mccoy/uhura  sulu/chekov  slash  het  words:50k-100k  fluff  action/adventure  tarsus  abused!kirk  team  wip 
february 2013 by Thraesja
The Stress-Strain Curve by shinychimera
You have to understand a person well before you know how far you can bend them without breaking them, and McCoy knows Uhura very well.
st:reboot  mccoy/uhura  shinychimera  sextoys  pwp  bdsm 
september 2012 by tittakv
leupagus | Girl, You're Like a Weird Vacation, Part One of Two
Jim convinces Spock to accompany him down to Risa for shore leave. Which is such a terrible idea. Girl!Spock/Moron!Jim Kirk
fic  startrek  au  genderswap  spock  kirk/spock  st:aos  jamestkirk  mccoy/uhura  rating:pg-13  via:starwire 
february 2012 by chicagoartnerd
So Far Gone
Starts with the shuttle trip from Riverside Shipyard to Starfleet Academy and picks up from Kirk and McCoy's conversation in the Reboot film. Suddenly, it's an epic, sprawling monster that fills in the gaps of the Academy years, the Narada, and the early years of the five-year mission. Humorous, dramatic, angsty, sexy, ridiculous -- it's got it all?
startrek  stxi  smut  slash  het  orgy  funny  au  romance  action  academy!fic  extremelyhotsex  everydaylife  thisisdifferent  threesome  kickass  new!relationship  bamf  kirk/mccoy  kirk/spock  mccoy/uhura  kirk/mitchell  kirk/mccoy/mitchell  uhura/cupcake  spock/uhura  spock/mccoy  mccoy/gaila  kirk/gaila  kirk/mccoy/spock  long  fuckbuddies    complete  on!ao3 
november 2011 by Severusslave
and like a speeding car, you want more, more, more
And those words hit, in a way she’s not expecting, they flare up hot inside her as they echo in her brain, what you do to me, whatever you do. Taken on their own, without any context, they’d be read as a warning, but with the right context, with the way McCoy’s looking at her right now, the way he’d stressed whatever—it’s an invitation. A request.

An offer Nyota realizes she has no intention of refusing.
StarTrek  McCoy/Uhura  kink:pegging  kink:D/s 
november 2011 by sansets
So far gone by screamlet
"Starts with the shuttle trip from Riverside Shipyard to Starfleet Academy and picks up from Kirk and McCoy's conversation in the Reboot film. Suddenly, it's an epic, sprawling monster that fills in the gaps of the Academy years, the Narada, and the early years of the five-year mission. Humorous, dramatic, angsty, sexy, ridiculous -- it's got it all?"
fandom:star_trek  kirk/mitchell  mccoy/uhura  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  kirk/mccoy  kirk/mccoy/spock  mccoy/spock  author:screamlet 
november 2011 by Laria_Gwyn
littlebirdtold: Animus (masterpost)
Spock is well aware that he is an outsider on the Enterprise: he is intensely disliked by the crew, not to mention that he and Kirk detest each other. Spock is considering applying for a transfer when Starfleet announces that a tournament will be held between four starships on a planet that is rumored to be magical.
trekbigbang  fanfic  trek  kirk/spock  author:littlebirdtold  smuttt  mccoy/uhura 
october 2011 by ninety6tears

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