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Maytag washer 2000 series light blinking - Fixya
Did all of the water drain out of the washer during the spin?
Select RINSE, DRAIN & SPIN to remove any water remaining in the washer. The washer door should unlock at the end of the drain.
Is the door locked and is the "Add Clothes" light on?
Press START/PAUSE once. The door should unlock.
If the issue is not that ... but indeed having a stuck latch then there were references that the method below would work on some Maytags:
UNPLUG the washer and remove the bottom front service panel. Carefully reach up along the inside of that front panel and pull down on the manual release tab that is on the bottom of the door latch assembly.
If your machine does have a bottom service panel ... then there should also be taped somewhere inside the machine the technician service paper work which can usually be helpful also
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Instruction manual for the dryer
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China acquiring USA one company at a time
What’s the best way for a country like China to exert its influence over the U.S. economy? Acquire American-owned companies like Chinese-owned Haier just did when they purchased General Electric’s (GE) appliance business for $5.4 billion.

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