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Guatemala's Maya Society Featured Huge 'Megalopolis,' LiDAR Data Show
A vast, interconnected network of ancient cities was home to millions more people than previously thought.
archaeology  maya  mayan  lidar 
26 days ago by andyscotuk
Wireframe showing permanently on object? : Maya
Hit the "1" key. My guess is, (I've seen this with co-workers, and have done it myself) that you accidentally hit the 2 or 3 key, which gives you a sub-d preview on top of your regular mesh.
5 weeks ago by karebear
Chimino's Island Lodge / Posada de Mateo
11/2018: Chimino’s Island Lodge was founded 14 years ago by John and Aurora Schmidt, two ecological and archaeological enthusiasts who named the lodge Posada de Mateo, as it was known until recently.

This is where Tobias and I stayed in the 90s -- so John and Aurora operated this for many more than "14 years."
travel  Maya  Guatemala  Petexbatun  hotel  archeology 
5 weeks ago by userX

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