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Mojo – MojoHaus Maven Plugins Project
The MojoHaus project is a collection of plugins for Apache Maven 2 & 3.
mojo  mojohaus  maven  plugin  java  programming  build  tool 
yesterday by vicchow
GM appoints marketing veteran to lead Maven
GM is in the midst of growing Maven from a traditional vehicle sharing service such as Zipcar to peer-to-peer vehicle sharing, including the addition of allowing non-GM vehicles on its app-based platform. Those plans are not expected to change under Cordeiro.
gm  maven  technology  carsharing 
2 days ago by automotive
Repository Manager 3
Documentacion Nexus Sonatype
maven  docker 
4 days ago by ither
GoogleContainerTools/jib: Build container images for your Java applications.
:sailboat: Build container images for your Java applications. - GoogleContainerTools/jib
automation  build  maven  docker  java  container  containers  programming  Google 
7 days ago by cakeface
How to Set Up a Private Maven Repository in Amazon S3
Amazon S3 is a perfect place for keeping private Maven artifacts, automatically deploying them there, and making them available through
amazon  dependencies  java  maven  private  repository  s3  s3auth  s3wagon 
9 days ago by devnulled

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