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Good Customer Experience Demands Organizational Fluidity (NN/g)
Kim Flaherty из Nielsen/Norman Group пишет о перестройке организации, которая нужна для системного улучшения customer experience.
UX  CX  service+design  management  maturity  strategy  issue 
yesterday by jvetrau
Cloud Native Maturity Matrix
Container Solutions have spent the past four years guiding companies like Adidas and Shell onto the cloud, analyzing and learning from each one. We built this insight into a pragmatic assessment tool designed to jump-start any enterprise’s journey to Cloud Native.
cloud  containers  maturity  model 
2 days ago by geekzter
Maturity | GitLab
Code, test & deploy with GitLab. Everyone can contribute!
development  management  product  gitlab  maturity  roadmap 
6 days ago by nahurst
The Growing Demand For UX Managers (UX Strategy Playbook)
Jared Spool справедливо подмечает рост потребности в дизайн-менеджерах. Компании нанимают всё больше дизайнеров, так что нужно грамотно встраивать их в работу над продуктом и помогать им быть услышанными и эффективными, учить менеджеров продуктов правильно взаимодействовать с ними. Всё больше компаний из классического бизнеса вроде банков и телекомов создают дизайн-команды внутри, хотя раньше аутсорсили такие задачи.
UX  management  leadership  trends  issue  maturity 
10 weeks ago by jvetrau
Startups and UX — Relating Success to Good UX Practices (User Experience Magazine)
Ayesha Saleem провела небольшое исследование UX в стартапах. Она выделила три категории в зависимости от того, когда они начали использовать хорошие практики дизайна интерфейсов, и попыталась соотнести их с успехами на рынке.
UX  startup  maturity  management  issue  strategy 
12 weeks ago by jvetrau
Top 5 Most Important Customer Experience Trends for 2019 | UX Booth
Executive summary of #customer #experience practitioner survey reveals what top CX performers do differently + 4-stage #CX maturity model
customer  experience  survey  practitioner  q1  2019  executive  summary  statistics  maturity  model  technology  communication  empathy  employee  chat  virtual  reality  comparison  voice  VOC  strategy  team  csr19  bullsi 
12 weeks ago by csrollyson
How The Top 21% Of PAM-Mature Enterprises Are Thwarting Privileged Credential Breaches
"Energy, Technology & Finance are the most mature industries adopting Privileged Access Management (PAM), outscoring peer industries by a wide margin. Government, Education, and Manufacturing are the industries most lagging in their adoption of Zero Trust Privilege (ZTP), making them the most vulnerable to breaches caused by privileged credential abuse. Education and Manufacturing are the most vulnerable industries of all, where it’s common for multiple manufacturing sites to use shared accounts for controlling privileged access. The study found shared accounts for controlling privileged access is commonplace, with 52% of all organizations reporting this occurring often. Presented below are the relative levels of Zero Trust Privilege Maturity by demographics, with the largest organizations having the most mature approaches to ZTP, which is expected given the size and scale of their IT and cybersecurity departments."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  centrify  2019  zero  trust  privilege  maturity  model  report  louis  columbus'  blog  pam  privileged  access  credential  abuse  credentials  management 
june 2019 by jonerp

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