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Goodreads | Lauren O'Farrell's review of Vincent
Sweet! Because of your review, I added this book to my wish list on Amazon. :)
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
Adventures of a mini ninja spy | Magical Daydream
At first I thought these were mini 3d-printed models of yourself!
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
The Ramblings of a Chicagoan: A Side Note on Dreams
I try to shut my computer down at night so I don't end up checking it when I wake up in the morning.
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
The Ramblings of a Chicagoan: The End of WireTap
Oh man. I was just searching ebay for Wiretap archives, but then they are available for sale, per season, on iTunes. I started listening in 2011, so now if I can just figure out what season corresponds to what year, so I can start listening from 2010 and prior. Ahh, wikipedia to the rescue. I can start with season 7. Well, Jonathan Goldstein now has an extra $10 in his pocket (or whatever cut he gets from a $10 album sale)
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
Millionaires Don't Use To-Do Lists (They Use This Instead) | Kevin Kruse
Wow. Keep an ultra-mega scheduled calendar. I have a hard time being constrained by the god of time.
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
7 Daily Habits That Can Make You More Successful at Work
I started doing point #7 today (Establish an evening reflection ritual). I rebooted my daily one-line diary. I didn't know this would help me become more successful. Bring on the success!
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
Facebook Goes Long-Form with Notes | Chris Thilk
Facebook Notes reminds me of the day years ago when Facebook used to have Notes for longer-form writing. Granted, I'm sure Facebook's integration of this now (some 7 years later--or however long it's been since they removed that feature) is different now. But, I'm glad to see a renewed focus on blogging and writing.
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
Tinder’s Reaction to a Vanity Fair Story Kind of Makes Sense « Voce Communications
I appreciate that you bring out both sides of this Tinder Tweetstorm issue. I found Tinder's tweets to have some merit. But just as you point out, it wasn't quite the right medium.
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
To Meet the Demand for Barrels | Family History Project
So before the lineages of Henry the electricians, we had William the barrelmaker. In the youtube video, the barrels are REALLY big!
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
Nine Generations and Another Xavier | Family History Project
Lukey has some family history with his middle name! As for Xaver Franz Muhleisen's occupation, I think it says werewolf.
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
They met on the boat. | Family History Project
Wow! That is quite a song. I'll have to tell Sarah she is better-looking than Viener Schnitzel!
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
Look Up! There’s an Invisible Zombie Highway Right Above You – Phenomena: Curiously Krulwich
I love that there is life 19,000 feet above the earth feeding on cloud water. They are our planet's welcome committee, welcoming the sun rays and any other intergalactic travelers.
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
Lisa’s July Suggestions – a celebration of words & images | RFPL Reads
Great timing with this book suggestion with the “Woman in Gold” movie being out for rental now.
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
Any chance of giving this talk, "Hemingway and the Art Institute," again? I would love to attend it. Or even if you have any resources available online about this, that would be great too. :)
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
The Hot Iron - My Takeaways From The Book Scrum by Jeff Sutherland
I'm always interested in workflow processes. I'll check out the free sample for the Kindle. Thanks!
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august 2015 by mattmaldre
Tab top dolls – Recycled Crafts
My mom loves matryoshka dolls. This will make for a fun gift for an upcoming birthday or Christmas. Thank you.
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august 2015 by mattmaldre

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