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Differenza fra calunnia e diffamazione
In breve: il diritto di cronaca si concretizza nella narrazione di fatti (con i requisiti di veridicità, correttezza espressiva, rilevanza sociale della notizia), mentre il diritto di critica consiste in un giudizio o di un'opinione che, dunque, non può in nessun modo essere rigorosamente obiettiva, essendo fondata su un'interpretazione di fatti e comportamenti.
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4 days ago by KinoPPete
First World Cup transfixed England but set tone for 44 years of hurt | Matthew Engel
Following failure in 1975, England assumed the cricket world would be small enough to conquer eventually. They’re still waiting but now have their best chance yet.
guardian  matthew  engel  13th  july  2019  cricket  world  cup 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
New Zealand, a land for all seasons | Matthew Engel
It has suffered one of the most brutal terror attacks in recent history, but under Jacinda Ardern the country is increasingly considered a beacon of sanity in a world of extremism.
3rd  april  2019  new  statesman  matthew  engel  politics  travel  zealand 
april 2019 by pnjman
Can’t-do country: how Australia is on the brink of environmental disaster | Matthew Engel
Rather than tackle the impending catastrophe, Australia seems intent on becoming the most nannyish nation on earth.
13th  march  2019  new  statesman  matthew  engel  politics  australia 
march 2019 by pnjman

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