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Software Criticism
> The people that worked inside an organization are the ones that can explain and critique it with the most insight. They also tend to be more emotionally invested in the company’s success. I plan to continue criticizing (and praising) the organizations I’ve worked for, and I hope others do the same.

> Of course they did, but just because people ask for something doesn’t mean we should build it.

> Experimentation is something you can do internally, via user testing, in private betas, or on whiteboards. Experiments don’t have revenue goals, and usually don’t require full-time engineers working for months. Experiments don’t have splashy launches and email campaigns to hundreds of thousands of users. Would I have criticized this publicly if it was just an experiment? Absolutely not.
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Don’t Go to College
> Make friends, make love, make lots of things. Make something great. Because that is what will make you happy for the rest of your life.

> I don’t think it’s luck. I work insanely hard, all the time.
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6 weeks ago by jasdev
You’re Up
> Just remember: most people want to meet you as much as you want to meet them, especially in social situations like this. No one would prefer to stand there and stare at their phone when there are tons of fascinating people around.
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6 weeks ago by jasdev

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