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Does It Matter Which Charger I Use?
Does It Matter Which Charger I Use?
Does  It  Matter  Which  Charger  I  Use  -  life  hacker  2013 
march 2018 by kilroy2
Dissolving Salts in water
simulation from PBS LearningMedia. Add diff salts to water and watch temperature change
science  chemistry  matter  temperature  molecules 
march 2018 by MsHsi
Sharing means caring: Users prefer content recommendations that don’t sacrifice their privacy
"In this new era of increasing personalization, many companies have assumed that there must be a trade-off for reader and data privacy in order to get the reader to stay. But whether it’s GDPR, browser updates or even company values, relying on intrusive reader data might not be an option available. My hypothesis: By understanding the needs of their readers, publishers can make use of the audience data they have while respecting readers’ privacy."
analytics  that  matter  api  content  recommendations  privacy  the  intercept  new  yorker 
february 2018 by jonerp

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