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Manufacturing is cool again and it needs skilled workers - Detroit Free Press
For the past several decades, the number of professionals entering manufacturing had decreased as many talented, young professionals have sought work in Silicon Valley and other tech regions. This is no longer the case.
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How to Offer Flexibility to Your Manufacturing Employees -
According to the 2018 Mercer Talent Trends Study, 51 percent of manufacturing employees want their company to offer more flexible work options. Yet only nine percent of HR leaders in the industry say flexible working is visibly present in their organization.
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Microsoft Pledges $500 Million for Affordable Housing in Seattle Area - The New York Times
The Seattle area, home to both Microsoft and Amazon, is a potent symbol of the affordable housing crisis that has followed the explosive growth of tech hubs.
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Why there’s no bringing coal back - Brookings
uring his campaign, President Trump promised to bring coal back. But is that even possible? In a new paper, Howard Gruenspecht, senior energy economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative, says that the answer is almost certainly “no.”
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Baton Rouge’s Water Campus Attracts Researchers from Around the World - Area Development
It is hoped that for firms with an interest in the water sector, the Water Campus will be a magnet for innovation and private-sector investment.
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2 days ago by areadevelopment
Why Working from Home Is Better for Business
0;36 "As long as they can find good WI-FI, we don't care where they are."
1:11 "I believe that talent and intelligence are equally distributed throughout the world. But opportunity is not." Does [MacArthur award location at award]( ) confirm or rebut?.
Out of the Office: More People Are Working Remotely, Survey Finds
Feb. 15, 2017
A 2-Year Stanford Study Shows the Astonishing Productivity Boost of Working From Home
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3 days ago by yencarnacion
The Changing Face of Distribution - Cushman & Wakefield
Transportation represents roughly 50% of total logistics costs. Motorway congestion, increasing regulations for CO2 emissions, congestion, labour shortages are already contributing to higher costs and inefficiencies.
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4 days ago by areadevelopment
What if Cities Are No Longer the Land of Opportunity for Low-Skilled Workers? - The New York Times
Dense cities like New York have long promised higher wages, but now that is primarily true for workers with more education, a new analysis finds.
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4 days ago by areadevelopment
Execs Say USMCA Beneficial But Expect Higher Production Costs - IndustryWeek
Forty-one percent believe production costs will increase by 10% over the next three years, and a significant number (26%) believe the increase could be 25% or more.
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4 days ago by areadevelopment
Trump Promises New Rules for Skilled-Worker Visas Soon - WSJ
President says changes could create a potential path to citizenship for H1-B visa holders.
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4 days ago by areadevelopment
US-China trade war: Trump is winning but things could change - Business Insider
China's economy has taken a beating in recent weeks. Manufacturing is contracting for the first time in two years. There's a real-estate crisis. China just posted its first annual decline in car sales in 20 years. There's a retail slump. Foreign investment into China has plummeted.
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4 days ago by areadevelopment
Amazon chose two locations for its new headquarters. Now, we go explore them. - The Washington Post
Before mid-November, Long Island City and Crystal City were never on the same page, much less uttered in the same sentence. Though both destinations are on the East Coast (New York and Virginia, respectively) and within shouting distance of a major metropolitan center, they had little else in common.
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Google to Lease Office Space in a Los Angeles Mall - WSJ
Search giant to move into space at Westside Pavilion, which will be redeveloped into 584,000 square-foot office campus.
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4 days ago by areadevelopment
Warehouses Test a New Breed of AI Robots - WSJ
XPO Logistics, Rakuten are among companies rolling out automation to boost productivity, increasing human-machine collaboration
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4 days ago by areadevelopment
Denmark plans 'Silicon Valley' on 9 artificial islands off Copenhagen - World Economic Forum
The Danish government wants to embark on a huge land-reclamation project that will see the creation of nine new islands, 10km south of Copenhagen.
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