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Gnu Plot
Open source, command line mathematical plotting program.
free  math  matlab  opensource  graph  gnuplot  software  plotting  mathematics  tools  mathtools 
14 days ago by sparky989
GNU Octave
Powerful mathematics-oriented syntax with built-in plotting and visualization tools
Free software, runs on GNU/Linux, macOS, BSD, and Windows
Drop-in compatible with many Matlab scripts
download  opensource  matlab 
18 days ago by torben
GPU Coder generates optimized CUDA code from MATLAB code for deep learning, embedded vision, and autonomous systems. The generated code calls optimized NVIDIA CUDA libraries and can be integrated into your project as source code, static libraries, or dynamic libraries, and can be used for prototyping on GPUs such as the NVIDIA Tesla and NVIDIA Tegra.
matlab  cpu  cuda 
23 days ago by dizzzz
RT : Learn how MATLAB can help you get abs of steel in time for your big Valentines date:
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5 weeks ago by mshook
Why You Should Date Someone Who Knows MATLAB » MATLAB Community - MATLAB & Simulink
RT : Learn how MATLAB can help you get abs of steel in time for your big Valentines date:
matlab  from twitter
5 weeks ago by mshook
webweb - webweb
webweb is a tool for creating, displaying, and sharing interactive network visualizations on the web, designed for simplicity and ease of use. With just a few lines of python, networkx, or matlab, webweb will build and launch a visualization in your browser.
graphs  matlab  networks  python  tools 
6 weeks ago by kintopp

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