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Löse Gleichungen, zeichne Funktionsgraphen, erstelle Konstruktionen, analysiere Daten, erlebe Mathe in 3D!
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6 days ago by grenzreiter
Dive into the Mind-Boggling Math of Tessellating Pentagons | WIRED
People have been studying how to fit shapes together to make toys, floors, walls and art—and to understand the mathematics behind such patterns—for thousands of years. But it was only this year that we finally settled the question of how five-sided polygons “tile the plane.” Why did pentagons pose such a big problem for so long?
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13 days ago by amenthes
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Sie ist der Alptraum vieler Schüler – und doch eine wichtige Grundlage des Alltags: Mit Mathematik tun sich viele Menschen schwer. Gleichzeitig vertrauen viele blind hochkomplexen Algorithmen. Über ein deutsches Phänomen. via Pocket
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november 2017 by hansdorsch
(1) Big Picture of Calculus - YouTube
Calculus is about change. One function tells how quickly another function is changing. Professor Strang shows how calculus applies to ordinary life situation...
july 2017 by andreaskoch
A look inside Feynman’s calculus notebook
One of the most unusual artifacts at the Niels Bohr Library & Archives in College Park, Maryland, is a small green notebook once owned by Richard Feynman. It contains handwritten notes he compiled as a high school student in the early 1930s, on a book called Calculus for the Practical Man. We usually think of Feynman as an impish twenty-something prodigy at Los Alamos or as the celebrated Caltech professor who enthralled undergraduates with his lectures and stories. But Feynman was once a teenager—and not even he was born knowing calculus.
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may 2017 by grenzreiter

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