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Matrix Calculus
Automatically computes derivatives of matrix expressions. Outputs math (LaTeX) or code (NumPy).
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The Visual Mind: Art and Mathematics (Leonardo Books): Michele Emmer: 9780262050487: Books
Scientific visualization, higher-dimensional geometries, 3D computer modeling, computer animation, and imaginary and virtual environments are just a few of the ground-breaking areas in which artists and mathematicians are exchanging ideas and working together. The Visual Mind introduces a new universe of mathematical images, forms, and shapes in media ranging from drawings to computer graphics, as well as discussion of the methods used to create these works.

These 35 chapters are by mathematicians concerned with the visual fruits of their computations and by visual artists concerned with the mathematical origins and inspirations of their works. They are divided into sections covering Geometry and Visualization; Computer Graphics; Geometry and Art; Symmetry; and Perspective Mathematics and Art. The chapters are tied together by introductions to each of these sections and are richly illustrated in color and black and white.

Michele Emmer is Professor of Mathematics at the Università ca' Foscari, Venice, Italy.
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Really, mathematics is everywhere | Jean Paul Van Bendegem | TEDxGhent - YouTube
Our daily world is nothing but a collection of patterns and structures that can be found everywhere: in human habits, animal behavior and nature. Mathematics is the science of patterns and structures. Thus, the science of everyday life must be mathematics! This bold statement by Jean Paul Van Bendegem will be supported by a number of examples in his talk, as the proof of the (structured) pudding remains in the (patterns of the) eating.
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Points of Inflection: “Mathematics for Sustainability” sent to Springer
Here’s what stands out to me when I read this book: there are many math books that will feed you knowledge, but it is rare to see a book like this one that will help you cultivate wisdom.

There is a deep difference between knowledge and wisdom. A knowledgeable person may be armed with facts, but a wise person considers how to act in light of those facts. A knowledgeable person may think an answer is the end of an investigation, whereas a wise person considers the new questions that result. And a knowledgeable person might ignore the human element of a problem that a wise person deems essential to understand. As the authors illustrate, mathematics that pays attention to human considerations can help you look at the world with a new lens, help you frame important questions, and help you make wise decisions.
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The binary code of body and spirit: Computing pioneer Alan Turing on mortality
[When his loved one died] Alan fell to pieces. He was able to collect himself only through work, by burrowing so deep into the underbelly of mathematics that he emerged almost on the other side, where science and metaphysics meet. Sorrow had taken him on a crusade to make sense of reality, of this senseless ruin, and he spared no modality of thought. Most of all, he wanted to understand how he could remain so attached to someone who no longer existed materially but who felt so overwhelmingly alive in his spirit.

[lovely discussion, with links to biographies and related works, and long quotes from biographies.]

-- Maria Popova
Brain Pickings | | 17 feb 2017
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