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Rule 110 - Wikipedia
The Rule 110 cellular automaton (often simply Rule 110) is an elementary cellular automaton with interesting behavior on the boundary between stability and chaos.
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Ah ! Si on enseignait les maths autrement !… | Le blog de Sylvie d'Esclaibes
It comes from the fact that in Montessori pedagogy, all mathematical concepts are presented with an adequate concrete material that the child can manipulate . Unlike what is done in schools with traditional pedagogy, never is a notion taught in an abstract way based on "tricks" that you are asked to apply automatically without understanding them.

In the Montessori training that I followed, the president of Montessori Association of North America, coming from Canada, explained to me that it was necessary as often as possible to let the child find the reasoning by himself , that he understands by himself how to arrive at the result.
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Freedom in Mathematics | Pierre Cartier | Springer
This book challenges the views put forward by Pierre Cartier, one of the anchors of the famous Bourbaki group, and Cédric Villani, one of the most brilliant mathematicians of his generation, who received the Fields Medal in 2010. Jean Dhombres, mathematician and science historian, and Gerhard Heinzmann, philosopher of science and also a specialist in mathematics engage in a fruitful dialogue with the two mathematicians, prompting readers to reflect on mathematical activity and its social consequences in history as well as in the modern world. Cédric Villani’s popular success proves once again that a common awareness has developed, albeit in a very confused way, of the major role of mathematics in the construction and efficiency of natural sciences, which are at the origin of our technologies. Despite this, the idea that mathematics cannot be shared remains firmly entrenched, a perceived failing that has even been branded a lack of culture by vocal forces in the media as well as cultural and political establishment.

The authors explore three major directions in their dialogue: the highly complex relationship between mathematics and reality, the subject of many debates and opposing viewpoints; the freedom that the construction of mathematics has given humankind by enabling them to develop the natural sciences as well as mathematical research; and the responsibility with which the scientific community and governments should address the role of mathematics in research and education policies.
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Education in a Post-industrial World | SpringerLink
Education in general, and math education in particular are still deeply Eurocentric. OECD’s straightforward and powerful analyses of mathematical competences (yielding the PISA reports) and its compelling advices to governments, promotes an exclusive market-driven curriculum. Few critics in western countries are opposing this political perspective, while most educators defend it as the only true one. Adding anthropological cases open up this discussion and show how Freudenthal’s and Davis and Hersh’s reality-based view on math education is more up to date than ever. The possible relationships between mathematics education and democracy will then be a preliminary, but necessary discussion for educators and curriculum developers.
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Journey in the footsteps of Joseph Fourier in his hometown of Auxerre | Mathematical Society of France
Exhibition (led by the Museum of Auxerre with the participation of the cultural and heritage services of the City) in the form of a permanently accessible urban route, allowing to discover the rich heritage of Auxerrois and the presence of Joseph Fourier, yesterday as today .
Accompaniment: mini-exhibition "Fourier 1768-2018" at the Museum of Auxerre, designed by students of the Fourier high school with the team of the Museum.
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Numdam, the French digital mathematics library
You can find on this website the full text of mathematical research documents: journal articles, seminar and conference proceedings, books and monographs, doctoral theses. While a large part of the content has been digitised starting first known issue from paper volumes, the library acquires newer content provided by their publishers in order to keep the archive alive and resonably current. Full texts are freely downloadable after a variable moving wall. Please check our terms of use.
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