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The History of the Hot Wheels & Matchbox Z cars, by Doug Breithaupt of Tales of Toy Cars – theLamleyGroup
Let me introduce you to Doug Breithaupt. I have known of Doug since my early days of collecting, when I was a frequent visitor to MCCH, the Matchbox forum to visit at the time. Doug not only shared his vast knowledge on Matchbox there, but on all kinds of diecast, from popular brands like Hot Wheels to far more obscure brands.
Doug has since moved his site Tales of Toy Cars to Facebook, and it truly is a must-follow for any diecast collector. I noticed that he had done a comparison on the new Hot Wheels 300ZX with the old casting, and I shared it on my Facebook page. The response made me think that I should share more of Doug’s knowledge here, and he was happy to oblige.
I am hoping this is the beginning of several features that Doug shares with Lamley Readers here on the blog. But to truly share in his knowledge, following his Facebook Page is imperative.
So we start with a history of the Z from Hot Wheels and Matchbox. Let’s see where we go after that.
Thanks Doug. Everyone enjoy the article...
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18 days ago by rgl7194
Matchbox starts 2019 fantastically with the Blue Highways 5-pack – theLamleyGroup
Now THIS is a 5-pack! Maybe the most loaded 5-pack in the last 5-6 years from the orange brand. Not a weak one in the bunch. Better yet, some of the best. The SLR McLaren, for example, has never looked better.
Matchbox has released the first two packs of 2019, Blue Highways and MBX Construction, and I felt both were worth buying. I already mentioned why I snagged the first, but Construction had the Stepside, and that is ALWAYS a no-brainer. So two videos for you today. Enjoy.
cars  hot_wheels  matchbox  mclaren  video 
december 2018 by rgl7194
The Matchbox BMW X5 9-pack exclusive is the latest to join a very cool emergency family. – theLamleyGroup
My guess is a lot of you have seen this pack in stores...
I have always been a fan of the Matchbox BMW X5, which has two versions...
Police/Emergency and stock. I like both, but the police version takes the cake. Matchbox has released only a few over the years, but with their Euro-centric liveries, they are always cool. Here are all of them...
If you haven’t subscribed to the Lamley Extras Channel (my other YouTube Channel), be sure to do so.  More Up-to-Date videos and other content coming.
BMW  cars  collecting  matchbox  video  SUV  police 
november 2018 by rgl7194
Up-to-Date: Matchbox BMW M5 & X5 Police – theLamleyGroup
A double dose from the Lamley Extras YouTube Channel...
After opening and featuring the BMW X5 Multipack Exclusive, it became obvious I should showcase the M5 Police as well. I think it is obvious why...
cars  matchbox  BMW  video  BMW_M  collecting 
november 2018 by rgl7194
A look at the brand new Matchbox Honda S2000 and its Vtec engine. – theLamleyGroup
Didn’t think I would skip the pics, did you?
The new Matchbox Moving Parts models – basic and premium – deserve a lot of attention, and I am going give them just that. There are so many models I like, but I think these two brand models are a good place to start:
Let’s go with the S2K first.
I am a huge fan of the Hot Wheels S2000, heavily modified and all. I am also super stoked that Matchbox did a stock version. The S2K has entered the realm of more classic than current, and a fantastic choice by Matchbox.
cars  matchbox  honda 
november 2018 by rgl7194
Wow check out the new Matchbox Blue Highways 5-pack – theLamleyGroup
The first Matchbox 5-pack for 2019 is out, and boy is it nice. Called Blue Highways, and found by collector @Diecast58, who posted it on Instagram...
Dang that’s nice. I am particularly fond of the SLR McLaren with black 5-spokes, as well as that yellow Camaro. Heck they are all great.
cars  matchbox  mclaren  instagram  camaro 
november 2018 by rgl7194
Gary Vaynerchuk Cars GIF by GaryVee - Find & Share on GIPHY
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october 2018 by architektura
The Matchbox 1985 Porsche 911 Rally Toy Fair model offers another glimpse into 2019. – theLamleyGroup
How about this beauty?
Mattel’s Toy Fair is happening now. Vendors from retail chains are at Mattel’s Design Center previewing 2019 product from all their brands, and that includes Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Of course, for we collectors, “Toy Fair” can create confusion, making it sound like a toy show or convention. It is, but not for the public. And believe me, I’ve asked to attend to give folks a look at how the Toy Fair goes. But considering much of this product is not ready for the public yet, I am still at home.
But we still get a small preview. Brand Orange and brand Blue create a little swag for Toy Fair attendees to take home. The Toy Fair models are a nice gift, but also a permanent example of what to expect from the brand. And that is what the Matchbox Porsche 911 Rally is. A preview of 2019. And based on that, 2019 is going to be a fantastic year.
cars  matchbox  porsche  collecting 
october 2018 by rgl7194
How about that Matchbox Toy Fair Porsche? – theLamleyGroup
Matchbox dropped this on Instagram today...
That is the 2019 Toy Fair Porsche 911 Rally by Matchbox. A bittersweet image to be sure.
Why bittersweet? The sweet is easy. That casting is fantastic. We saw it previewed at the Gathering, and here is the first image of the Porsche complete.
Except we won’t see this one available to the general public. That is the bitter part. This is a promo model used by Mattel to promote the brand to retailers. The next two weeks is the Mattel Toy Fair. It may sound like a cool toy show, and it is, but it is closed to the public. The Mattel Toy Fair is an event for retailers. They fly into California, and Mattel pulls out all the stops to promote each toy line for 2019. That includes Hot Wheels and Matchbox, and there are giveaways.
cars  matchbox  porsche  collecting  instagram 
september 2018 by rgl7194
The next great Matchbox Era is in full swing with the return of opening-parts models. – theLamleyGroup
This truly is nuts. I am showcasing two Matchbox models with opening doors. To some, this means nothing. And that is ok. If I am being totally honest, opening parts never have done much for me personally as a diecast collector.
But this is significant. Really significant. And it is part of a very interesting evolution over the last five years. The current Matchbox Team has revisited all options when it comes to making the brand better, and it is quite phenomenal to see what has transpired.
If you have only been collecting for a few years, you may not be aware of the zigs and zags the Matchbox brand has taken this century. The brand known for realism has always had to be “what Hot Wheels is not” since Mattel bought it, and that has been defined in all kinds of ways over time.
cars  matchbox  vw 
september 2018 by rgl7194
Saturday Showcase: Matchbox & Hot Wheels Audi RS6 Avant (with a sneak peek) – theLamleyGroup
Summer is a time for wandering, house projects, and doing nothing. It seems Saturday Showcases take a back seat to all.
But I got to do one this week, and it is one I quite like. Quite like a lot. The Hot Wheels ’17 Audi RS6 Avant is an instant hit, especially with its debut as a Super, and it is a perfect companion casting to the 2004 RS6 done by Matchbox. So I went through them both.
And included a look at the next release from Matchbox. It’s a good one. Enjoy...
cars  audi  matchbox  hot_wheels  video 
august 2018 by rgl7194
Just Unveiled: Matchbox Gathering Datsun 510 Dealer Model & Ford Skyjacker Superduty F-350 Dinner Model – theLamleyGroup
Attendees at the 2018 Matchbox Gathering of Friends were just given their Dinner Model (with some getting the early registrant variation), and soon after Jim Gallegos unveiled the Dealer Model. Jim was kind enough to allow me to photograph the models beforehand, so you are getting a look along with everyone here.
The Dealer Model, given to those who purchased table space at the Toy Show tomorrow, is the 1970 Datsun 510 Rally. The Dinner Model, given to those attending tonight’s dinner presentation, is the Ford Skyjacker Superduty F-350. And, as always, the first 75 folks to register for the dinner earlier this year are given a special 1-of-75 variant. This year’s variant is an unpainted zamac version.
cars  matchbox  nissan  collecting 
july 2018 by rgl7194
Kubernetes Cluster Bootstrap – VirtusLab – Medium
the steps of the Kubernetes cluster provisioning in general
coreos  kubernetes  dnsmasq  matchbox  bootstrap 
may 2018 by moellus
Saturday Showcase: The Alfa Romeo Junior/GTA Coupes in 1/64, plus the strange history of the Matchbox Giulia Sprint GTA – the Lamley Group
Going Alfa Romeo today. The 105/115 Series Coupes are as pretty as any car ever, and there are some fantastic replicas in 1/64. So for today’s Saturday Showcase, I am looking at mine, from Hot Wheels to Kyosho to Tomica Limited Vintage to Matchbox.
And speaking of Matchbox, the Giulia Sprint has a crazy, and frustrating history. I walk though that as well. Enjoy...
cars  alfa  video  matchbox  hot_wheels  tomica  kyosho 
may 2018 by rgl7194
A Tale of Two: The Hot Wheels 2017 Ford GT paired with Matchbox’s 2005. – the Lamley Group
I’ve done this before, but this time it is even better.
When Hot Wheels released its Ford GT in grey last year, I was instantly reminded of one of my favorite Matchbox models, the Superfast ROW Ford GT released in 2006. So I took some pictures...
But this one makes even more sense. The 2018 recolor of the Hot Wheels Ford GT comes in simple red with white stripes, and it is perfect homage to the 2005 Ford GT.
cars  ford_gt  matchbox  hot_wheels 
may 2018 by rgl7194
Here are some of the models coming in Matchbox 2018 Mix J, including the NASA Rover and BMW i8 – the Lamley Group
The Matchbox New Models continue to move towards the pegs. We have seen quite a few, including new tools in Jurassic World, but there are many more to come. And yes, the opening-parts models are coming too.
There are two, among others, that are coming in the J Mix, due this summer. One is one to the most anticipated – the BMW i8 – and the other one of the most unique – the NASA Rover.
The Matchbox Team sent over some of the models from Mix J for me to preview for you. Enjoy...
cars  matchbox  BMW 
may 2018 by rgl7194
Lamley Daily: 2018 Matchbox BMW i8 – the Lamley Group
Model: Matchbox BMW i8
Line: 2018 Matchbox Mainline
Where to get it: Hitting stores this summer.
Why it will be in the collection: Here is the (essentially) finished Matchbox BMW i8. Somewhat expected after the release of the i3, but exciting nonetheless. From what I understand, the BMW i8 has been on designer’s wish lists for awhile, but how to execute the model has been the problem.
Well the Matchbox Team figure it out, and it is nice to see it finished, and how great it looks. The blue trim pops right off the black body, just like the i3, and the details and unique lines are there as well.
cars  matchbox  BMW 
may 2018 by rgl7194

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