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Giving social networking back to you - The Mastodon Project
Mastodon is an open source decentralized social network - by the people for the people. Join the federation and take back control of your social media!
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yesterday by concinno
How to run a small social network site for your friends
Darius Kazemi describes running a modified Mastodon instance for 50 friends. This would be a good future for social media.
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6 days ago by pb
This document is for programmers who take one look at, click on through to the documentation, and can't make heads or tails of it.

In other words this document is for me, one year ago.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This document does not explain ActivityPub. It explains how to learn about ActivityPub.
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7 days ago by bezthomas
Statement on Gab's fork of Mastodon - Official Mastodon Blog
Statement on Gab's fork of Mastodon

Mastodon is completely opposed to Gab’s project and philosophy, which seeks to monetize and platform racist content while hiding behind the banner of free speech. Mastodon remains committed to standing up against hate speech; for example, our new server covenant means we only list servers on that are committed to active moderation against racism, sexism and transphobia. The Mastodon community does not approve of their attempt to hijack our infrastructure and has already taken steps to isolate Gab and keep hate speech off the fediverse.

Mastodon champions a free API ecosystem and as such all Mastodon apps are created and maintained by independent developers. However, Tusky (Android) and Toot! (iOS) have blacklisted Gab’s domains from their login screens. Gab users will not be able to use these apps to access or post from Gab. We do not currently know if any other apps are doing the same. Mastodon itself allows instance owners to decide which domains to block. Most servers in the fediverse are already blocking the Gab domains and we have done the same at

In addition to the isolation Gab can expect from the fediverse, it is clear that their design choices offer users no incentive to choose their platform. By paywalling basic features that are freely available on Mastodon, Gab puts itself at a disadvantage compared to any Mastodon instance. Mastodon remains non commercially structured and all features are available to users freely from the start.

— Eleanor , Jul 4, 2019
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8 days ago by johnweeks
RT : I wrote a small blog post on and Nazis

Published on my own blog:

As well as med…
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9 days ago by mkb
On Mastodon and Nazis | Blogghoran
RT : I wrote a small blog post on and Nazis

Published on my own blog:

As well as med…
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9 days ago by mkb

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