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Nathan Masters, Lost L.A.
Nathan Masters is host, producer, and managing editor of Lost LA, an original public television series from KCET and the USC Libraries. His writings focus on the evolution of Los Angeles' built and natural environments and have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, The Public Historian, Boat, and other fine publications – including an essay in LAtitudes: An Angeleno's Atlas (Heyday, 2015). He manages public programs for the USC Libraries, home to the L.A. as Subject research alliance.
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Phew! Module passed. Only 2 more to go for year 1. Nearly there!
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RT RampCapitalLLC: Trading during the be like
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Maria Kreyn: A millennial with an Old Master's hand
When viewing the fine art of Russian painter Maria Kreyn you'd be forgiven for thinking the works had been created hundreds of years ago. However, the remarkable scenes are in fact by the hand of an artist in her twenties.

Hailing from a family of unusual thinkers and polymaths, she has crafted an unconventional, self-architected path, combining an interest in the sciences with a passion for the literary and poetic.

After rigorous training in classical drawing, Maria studied philosophy and mathematics at the University of Chicago. At 20 she left for Europe, trusting that its wealth of museums and culture would benefit her more than conventional tuition.
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