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Mastercard Sees Other Banks Ditching Credit Card Numbers Like Apple Did
This week, Apple Inc. introduced the Mastercard Inc.-branded Apple Card, which won’t have a number on the physical card as a way to improve security in case a customer loses it. That could encourage other banks to also ditch the static number in favor of more secure limited-use numbers, said Craig Vosburg, president of North America for Mastercard.

“We want security to be at the highest level possible across the ecosystem, and we want to do that in ways that don’t introduce friction and make payments inconvenient for consumers,” Vosburg said in an interview Tuesday with Bloomberg Television.

Craig Vosburg, president of North America at Mastercard
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28 days ago by jtyost2
Apple credit card comments
Apple credit card
standard interest rates, not low ones.
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28 days ago by danfnz
Mastercard Wades Into Murky Waters With Its New Digital ID | WIRED
Mastercard's platform claims to incorporate all the elements you might expect of a digital corporate offering in 2019, including biometric authentication, strong data encryption, and a distributed ledger (blockchain!) that keeps data decentralized. But the company still hasn't released detailed technical documentation of what specifically will underly the system. When Mastercard announced the project in December, it named Microsoft as a partner and said that the identity platform wou...
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29 days ago by JINYONG86
Swiss Bankers begibt eine Prepaid Digital. Sie existiert nur rein virtuell und stehe zunächst Nutzern v…
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6 weeks ago by tmmd
Data Analytic Opt Out
To opt-out from our anonymization of your personal information to perform data analyses, please provide your Mastercard or Maestro payment card number below. You will have the ability to submit more than one card number as indicated on the confirmation page.
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8 weeks ago by whip_lash
RT : Bis zum 31.03. gibt es wieder drei Coins pro Kontaktloszahlung bei - Ob dann auch wieder neue TUI-Coupo…
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9 weeks ago by tmmd
Mastercard’s new “sonic logo” will play every time you make a purchase | Quartz
- will this become annoying or will the branding lose its meaning in our world of point of sale beeps particularly in supermarkets and big chain stores?
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9 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
NEWS: Partnerschaft von und dem F.C. macht Bezahlen im…
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