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Sherman Hanke - Bearhawk Massage
My massage style is a combination of Swedish relaxation and deep tissue massage with influences from myofascial release technique, sports massage and energy work, highlighting aspects of Eastern and Western healing. I also specialize in body usage techniques, positional awareness coaching and flexibility training to help you maintain the relaxation of your massage long after you leave the table. This can all be tailored to your specific needs or desires which will always be the center of your treatment.
379 Main Street
Medford, MA 02155
Massage  Bears  MA  Medford 
11 days ago by dbourn
Inne Laureys - Shiatsu praktijk in Antwerpen
Therapeutisch of gewoon voor ontspanning: shiatsu is er voor iedereen!
antwerpen  massage  shiatsu  cuperus 
18 days ago by volpelino
Inspired by 'Empathy' by clockwork_spider, set sometime after the ending of the main storyline. I highly recommend reading that first, not only because it'll explain this but also just in general! Also, this fic has spoilers for that one. So if you want to read it go do that and stop reading now!

'Reconciliation brought proximity, brought effort, brought nostalgia and regret and bitterness and, yes, old shades of resentment. They were both self-centered men, fully capable of hypocrisy, grudges, and double-standards. They had made odd exceptions for one another, and they knew it. Exceptions grated on Nie Mingjue’s sense of fairness and Jin Guangyao’s sense of weakness.

They were well-versed in disappointing each other.'
wc:5-10k  author:Feynite  2019  =mo.dao.zu.shi(fic)  canon.AU  character-study  bathing  massage  *niemingjue/jinguangyao 
21 days ago by claudine
Best Massage Chair: Sleep Sherpa’s Top Picks
There are few things as relaxing as a massage at the end of a long hectic day. However getting a massage is a luxury for most people, which they cannot indulge in every day. A massage is something that can only be given by one person to another. There is no way you can give yourself a relaxing deep tissue massage.
best  massage  chair 
29 days ago by vishalingole
Yhteys - flecksofpoppy - モブサイコ100 | Mob Psycho 100 [Archive of Our Own]
There’s a certain moral duality that comes with not owning up to the fact that you’ve watched all of your boss’s massage tutorials, and Serizawa finds himself in exactly that position. (....Reigen's side hustle is ASMR.)
fic  mp100  gen  massage 
7 weeks ago by llamapi

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#metoo  **  *all-time-faves*  *e  *niemingjue/jinguangyao  *todo  11_000  1986  1990  1994  2019  60minutes  ;★★★  =mo.dao.zu.shi(fic)  a  accessoires  acupressure  amsterdam  angst  antwerpen  ao3  aromatherapy  assault  atlanta  author:feynite  back  ball  baltimore  bathing  battery  bears  best  bodies  bodywork  bph  business  buy  by  c:ronon.dex  ca  cabbagetown  can  care  cary  cbs  certified  chain  chair  character-study  charlierose  chiropractor  clinical  club  community  covington&burling  cranio-sacral  creampie  cuperus  database  death  debevoise&plimpton  deborahgreen  deborahkitay  deborahmorris  deborahperron  debrawilliams  debug  detox  drybar’s  due-south  elsa-jean  episode.tag  escorts  eugene  exercise  extract  f:sga  fandom:dc  fandom:harrypotter  feels  fic  find  first  fit  fitness  flexibility  foot  for  founders  fourseasonshotel  fraser/ray-k  friendship  fysio  gear  gemini  gen  gender  gesicht  get-together  get  girls  giving  glasgow  grants  guidelines  hair  healing  health  healthcare  healthsociology  hip  houston  howto  immigrant  india-summer  interns  intersex  iowacity  it  ithaca  jaelgreenleaf  janedoe  jefffager  jessicapallingston  jq  json  kenna-james  kevin  kine  kink:erogenous-zones  l:atlantis  lady-bug  launch  leg  length:100k+  length:1k-5k  lesbians  lesliemoonves  lindasilverthorn  local  lorimartelepictures  loss  ma  maron  mattlauer  maxoo  medford  metta  michigan  milf  mobility  more  movies  mp100  muscles  mydaddy  needs.  new  newyorker  northcarolina  nyc  nytimes  oblivious  of  online  pain  pairing:harry/draco  parse  partner  partners  petoskey  phyllisgoldengottlieb  physio  pining  police  pov-fraser  power  professionals  prostate  prostitution  publication  publications  raleigh  rape  rating:nc-17  read  regrowth  research  review  reviews  rhabdomyolsis  rogue  ronanfarrow  rub  run  sacramento  sarahjohansen  search  select  selection  selfcare  semi-public-sex  seriousgames  sex  sexual  sexualassault  sexualharassment  sg  shiatsu  ship:bruce/clark  shoulder  sinus  slash  soulmates  spa  spacey  stories  stress-relieving  strip  study  sued  taipei  taiwan  tantra  team!fic  test  than  therapist  therapists_  therapy  tool  transform  treatment  treatments  tug  tutorial  uni:dcu-animated  value  video  vienna  violin  vk  w.b::2-5k  warnerbros  wasser  wc:5-10k  wellness  who  wide  with  work  workout  yoga  you  your  youtube 

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