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Ithaca Studio - YouTube
video mashups
from 2011 or 2012
mashup  video  music 
6 days ago by scale
Here's my next piece. It's Shauna as from universe. My second attemp…
mashup  Death  Sandman  Simpsons  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by rukku
The Bootleg Archive
a library of classic mashups, bootlegs and bastard pop from years past. Think Bastard, think GYBO, think Boom Selection, etc. This site is for preserving the history of bootlegs, mashups and unofficial 'white label' remixes before 2007.
remix  music  bootleg  mashup  archive 
6 weeks ago by Z303
How a Google Street View image of your house predicts your risk of a car accident - MIT Technology Review
The result raises important questions about the way personal information can leak from seemingly innocent data sets and whether organizations should be able to use it for commercial purposes.
datascience  cars  ee  privacy  leak  mashup 
8 weeks ago by osi_info_program
About · Transposit
By bringing the power of a relational database to the ecosystem of APIs, Transposit frees developers to focus on building creative solutions instead of the considerable grunt work of composing disparate APIs.
sql  cloud  glue.logic  mashup 
8 weeks ago by tonious
"il n'y est pas allé avec le dos de la main morte"
mashup  from twitter
9 weeks ago by cmaussan
SQL query multiple API's at once, merging old API/non-graphQL API's together for ease of use
API  mashup  SQL  frontend  GraphQL  alternative  webdev 
12 weeks ago by asteroza
CoinMarketCap API Documentation
Reference API documentation for the CoinMarketCap API
api  mashup  bitcoin  trading 
april 2019 by ianweatherhogg

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