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As ‘the fathers of daughters,’ they were offended by harassment. But what did that really mean? - The Washington Post
The world was waiting for Matt Damon to address the scandal that had enveloped Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood mogul who had helped launch his career, and the A-lister chose his words carefully.

“As the father of four daughters,” Damon said in an interview this week, “this is the kind of sexual predation that keeps me up at night.”

It may have sounded familiar — and not just because there have been a lot of sexual harassers to denounce lately.
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Does Gay Porn Have Us Rethinking Masculinity?
“The rhetoric and iconography of gay porn is informing the ways in which heterosexual men produce their bodies for erotic consumption,” Mercer says. “Which is, in itself, contributing to the perpetual flux of masculinities men must contend with in modern times.”

Case in point? Pubic hair. Many aspects of porn that have become essential elements — such as camera angles or pulling out prior to ejaculation for the money shot — originated in order to facilitate filming. These elements have also impacted what many consider to be masculine. Consider the near universal adoption of pubic hair removal in our post-porn era, even though such hair was once considered essential to masculinity.

Mercer’s 240-page tome made its premiere in conjunction with an academic debate, “What It Means to be a Man in the 21st Century: Masculinity, Sex and Popular Culture,” featuring Mercer and author Mark Simpson, the man who coined the terms “metrosexual” and “spornosexual.” According to British Esquire, “the [latter] term, denoting men who strive to look like sportsmen or porn stars, marks the next stage in the evolution of the preening, mediated ‘metrosexual’… and the rise in hypersexualized, homoprovocative imagery of sportsmen.”

Mercer says gay porn today also reflects a “saturated” masculinity, so broadly defined and conceived that it can mean “many things, some of them contradictory in nature.”

As a social construct, masculinity has changed over time, reflecting different interpretations of what's appropriate male behavior.

“Popular understandings of masculinity during most of the 20th century were largely about the idea that masculinity was a very narrowly defined gender identity,” Mercer says. “Masculinity was hard to achieve and easily lost. In many ways, masculinity was understood as a tightrope walk, as it was all too easy to trip up and become ‘feminine’ or ‘feminized.’”

Now we understand there are many different ways of being a man, beyond the cultural normative version of masculinity.

“A paradox that lies at the heart of gay porn is that it is, at points, both subversive and normative,” Mercer argues. Makers of porn have adopted hetero norms about masculinity, while also developing subversive forms of masculinity, like twinks and bears.

“Masculinities are a multitude and are represented, likewise, in a multitude of ways,” Mercer says. “And this is vividly evidenced in the types that populate the fantasy worlds of gay porn — from the obvious ‘twink’ and ‘jock,’ but also ‘chavs’ and the hypermasculine gay male.”

Mercer writes that this undermines “orthodoxies of masculine representation at the same time as producing new norms of gay sexual conduct and sexual performance.”

He says gay porn today is a great tool to “understand how modern masculinity works. Looking at the way that male bodies are presented for erotic consumption is important, as this is now more widely part and parcel of the fabric of popular culture, and informs a vocabulary that men of all ages and identities [use to] construct themselves or think of themselves as sexually desirable online. [Gay porn] is no longer a marginal, taboo minority interest, but is in fact part of popular culture.”
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History of the Women’s Rights Movement | National Women's History Project
I'd like to know the role of men who helped women get their rights. Did women really fight for it or did men allow it
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