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In defence of men | Books & Essays | spiked
Let us stand up, then, for men. Even for masculinity. And for women who aspire to be as autonomous as men have traditionally been. For these people, the majority, do not have the luxury of wallowing in weakness.
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just now by genome
In Praise of Being Washed | GQ
Nice one. “They were all immortals at one point, and now they're not. I find it inspiring, honestly, especially in this moment so otherwise thoroughly defined by our current president and his near daily talk of winning. Have you ever seen a more unhappy person in your entire life? There is humility, the graceful acceptance that even the highest office in the land is some small, modest part of a much bigger project. And then there is Donald Trump, so obsessed with victory—with avoiding humiliation—that he seems to spend his days seeking out and punishing those with less power than himself, just to prove that he can. He's an example, too, if only of how not to be. His fear of losing is palpable, corrosive. Wouldn't the world be a better place if more of us admitted...not defeat, necessarily, but the possibility of defeat? If more of us were washed? And in doing so allowed ourselves to find what pleasure, or peace, might await on the other side?”
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5 days ago by alexpriest
In defence of men | Books & Essays | spiked
At root, today’s attack on men is really an attack on the aspiration to self-governance, which is an aspiration shared by individuals of every gender, race and class. The cult of fragility and self-abasement might be attractive and even socially beneficial to a small strata of the literary middle classes, like Webb, but it is generally viewed as repulsive by the population at large. It might be useful to the new elite to advertise their wounds and weakness — it wins them media praise and book deals, after all — but such indulgent victimology has no positive role to play in society at large. And so people resist it, whether by being men or by being strong women — that is, by being individuals who, through ‘the operations of intelligence and will’, might command their lives and impact on their communities.
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6 days ago by dwalbert
"Manliness," Trump & Politics -- Defending Donald Trump Isn't a Sign of Masculinity | National Review
“I’ve written a lot about our culture’s attacks on masculinity. I’ve discussed a man’s duty to defend the weak and the vulnerable. I’ve even decried the apparent increasing physical weakness of men and boys and argued that men were meant to be strong. Yet not once in the modern fights over masculinity had I thought for a moment to include — as markers of male toughness — the ability to deliver spittle-flecked tirades on cable news, to tweet like a punk, or to circle the wagons around a man who avoided service in his own generation’s war and who compared sexually transmitted diseases to his own personal Vietnam.”
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9 days ago by cbearden
‘Get shredded in six weeks!’ The problem with extreme male body transformations | Life and style | The Guardian
Whereas the vest-wearing action stars of the 80s needed physical strength to hoik themselves into lift shafts and avert terrorism, today’s uber-tonk males wear their six-packs like beautiful, pointless feathers: this is a cosmetic muscularity, rather than a functional one.
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18 days ago by tkmharris

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