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On sustaining a creative metabolism
Writer Mary H.K. Choi on balancing your creative work against the need for financial stability, tuning out the distractions of social media, and always striving to become a more deeply informed writer.
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Fire in the Cathedral - Rachel Fulton Brown (First Things)
It doesn’t matter how the fire started. The cause of such disasters is
always sin. Perhaps it was the sins of the French, who since the
Revolution have abandoned their ancestral faith. Perhaps it was the
sins of the West, its secular materialism. Perhaps it was the sins of
modernity, the belief in perfectibility and progress. On Monday, as
the world watched, the roof of the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris
burned—and Christians were confronted yet again with the question of
why they build churches, particularly churches dedicated to the Virgin
Mother of God.
There are right and wrong reasons to restore the cathedral. Wrong
reasons include: because it is old; because not to do so would be to
surrender to the barbarians; because the building is an important
tourist attraction. It would be right to mourn if the cathedral were
left in ruins (like the façade was left for some decades in the
nineteenth century after many of its statues were beheaded during the
Revolution). But is it right to argue solely on the basis of beauty,
as if the cathedral were little more than a museum?
Already millions of Euros are being donated, even as some fear what
form the restoration might take. Do we have the skills necessary to
imitate the work of the medieval masons and other artisans? Does
anyone know how to make glass in the right colors, never mind
replicate the medieval designs? It doesn’t matter, at least one
commentator has argued, for we lack the love with which the original
building was built.
In the Middle Ages, it wasn’t the building of stone, glass, and wood
that mattered. It was the worship offered therein, which is why, when
cathedrals caught fire—as they regularly did—medieval Christians took
it as an opportunity to develop the skills they needed in order to
rebuild. Nobody prior to the mid-twelfth century had built anything
like the currently standing cathedrals at Paris or Chartres. Nobody
knew how to make such beautiful glass before medieval glaziers learned
the secret of the reds, greens, and blues. If the craftsmen of the
Middle Ages could figure out how to make glass and carve stone, surely
modern Christians can do so again. They have the medieval exemplars on
which to model their work. All they need is the will to praise God.
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The secret of history
The meaning of history is not power and empire, but promise and trust. The secret of history is revealed when a woman, insignificant to the eyes of the world, responds in joy to God's promise and bear...
Anunciation  Mary  Fiat  from notes
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Bolboreta Plagas
company Mary found for Nora's flat in Raval, March 2019
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march 2019 by piperh

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