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NYTimes: The Making of a Young Socialist
Reading back to back with the New Yorker article about Eugene Debbs.

Profile of young English socialist and the situation in England. Interesting profile of the labor movement old generation and young generation.
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4 weeks ago by gideonite
CrimethInc. : One Hundred Years after the Bolshevik Counterrevolution : A Timeline Charting the Repression of Revolutionary Movements
Marx celebrated the US conquest of Mexico, using openly racist terms to contrast the “energetic” Yankees with the lazy and “primitive” Mexicans.
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5 weeks ago by lutzray
Utopian Experimental Socialism - Econlib
Until now, I’d always thought that despite his pretensions, Marx was no better than the Utopian socialists.  Now I realize that this was entirely unfair.  Marx was decidedly inferior to his “Utopian” rivals.  They were wrong, but at least they had the common sense and common decency to beta test their radical proposals on a small scale with consenting subjects.
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5 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Afterword by Endnotes
In fact, instead of being a century of proletarian revolution, the twentieth century turned out, like the centuries that had passed before it, to be largely a century of peasant revolts.
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5 weeks ago by mlte

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