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Rec: [MCU + Cabin Pressure] Seduction by Winglet series, read by lunchee
Summary: “Oh,” said Martin in a tone of voice that usually signalled the sighting of some obscure vintage aeroplane. “You're Tony Stark.”

Rec Snippet: The character voices for Tony and Martin are spot on. Lunchee doesn’t “do voices” but she definitelly manages to differentiate between the two just by modulating her voice. Martin sounds just as insecure and nervous as he would, and Tony just as suave and cocky as he would. And then as their story develops, the voices change subtly to signal the changes in their personality and I really, really enjoy listening to this series and hope to any higher deity listening (but mainly lunchee herself) that there’ll be a new podfic instalment of this available some day.
cabin_pressure  marvel_cinematic_universe  martin_crieff/tony_stark  momo_reccer  lunchee_performer  teen_and_up  03:30:00-04:00:00  podfic 
june 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: MCU/Captain America: Kept on the Wing by sallysparrow017

“I just wanted to know if it was alright — to get you things,” Steve says, stiffly. He’s very still under Bucky, his hands on Bucky’s head and chest.

“Things,” Bucky repeats, flatly.

Rec Snippet: I am IN LOVE with sallysparrow’s voice. It’s so soft and calm that listening to a podfic by her just relaxes me, even if she’s reading about the most depressing things (which when it comes to stucky, let’s face it, isn’t sunshine and roses most of the time!) Her voice here is perfect for this story because both characters are feeling extremely vulnerable, for different reasons.
marvel_cinematic_universe  bucky_barnes/steve_rogers  misssnowfox_reccer  sallysparrow017_performer  01:30:00-02:00:00  explicit  podfic 
april 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: The Hero's Journey; or: What Jasper Sitwell Did Last Summer (Avengers / Welcome to Night Vale)
Summary: The thing is, when an agent reaches clearance level five, it’s because they’re valuable, capable of something an exponentially diminishing few can offer in the ranks of SHIELD. Clint Barton, his personal issues notwithstanding, is unstoppable behind a scope. Jim Woo is an analyst and extractor par excellence. Melinda May has infiltrated half the presidential offices of Asia, and Phil Coulson has an instinct for the unusual that could
be the basis of an entire TV show. Jasper’s less certain what he brings to the party.

Rec Snippet: Now consider all that, with a full cast of amazing readers. Not only was everyone in character but the editing was flawless. There's one point where I panicked because the audio started to skip, except it turned out that that was Part Of Night Vale, and totally intentional.
velocitym1_reccer  marvel_cinematic_universe  welcome_to_night_vale  jasper_sitwell  nick_fury  phil_coulson  grant_ward  artzbots_performer  blackglass_performer  daroos_performer  girlwithabubblegum_performer  kalakirya_performer  opalsong_performer  reena_jenkins_performer  rscreighton_performer  sabinelagrande_performer  02:30:00-03:00:00  general_audiences  gen_fanwork  podfic 
march 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: Guardians of the Galaxy: On Picking Up Strays by skyunicorn
Summary: Written for a prompt on guardian-kink. The Ravagers didn't really want to keep the kid, but all their attempts to get rid of him failed.

Reccer Notes: While short, this is one of my favorite go-to podfics. Like, ‘guaranteed to download to every new phone’ and saved in the cloud for rough work days. While I don’t often read poetry, I loved [ profile] Ihni's piece. [ profile] skyunicorn's performance reminds me that poetry, for the most part, is meant to be heard, and their performance underscores this.
guardians_of_the_galaxy  marvel_cinematic_universe  peter_quill  general_audiences  gen_fanwork  00:00:00-00:10:00  coynsundry_reccer  skyunicorn_performer  podfic 
january 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: MCU: The Son of Man by Subsequent
Summary: JARVIS did not want to be a real boy. He was quite happy being a building.

Rec Snippet: The way that Subsequent read Jarvis’ dialogue, the little strain in their breath, the emotion that carried through to the reader, the edge of hyperventilation that was clear but not distracting… It was really awesome. That’s something that I personally struggle with, and I will definitely be using this podfic as inspiration.
marvel_cinematic_universe  jarvis  gen_fanwork  teen_and_up  03:30:00-04:00:00  subsequent_performer  gunpowderandlove_reccer  podfic 
july 2017 by podfic_love
Rec: [MCU] Pull me down sweet and low by vassalady
Summary: Steve looks after everyone, but no one looks after Steve. No one except Bucky.

Rec Snippet: [ profile] vassalady KILLS as Steve and Bucky. I believed in Steve's desperation to let go of everything and Bucky pushing Steve, but then giving him subtle praise. (i.e. “Quiet, you. There’s a good boy.”)
marvel_cinematic_universe  bucky_barnes/steve_rogers  analise010_reccer  vassalady_performer  00:00:00-00:10:00  podfic  explicit 
june 2017 by podfic_love
Rec: MCU: A Higher Court, read by Vaysh
Summary: This is meant to explain Clint and Natasha's positions on the Accords and is mostly self-indulgent meta parading as fic.

Rec Snippet: I am reccing one of my own podfics because I simply love this fic. It's a Captain America: Civil War meta fic dealing with Natasha's choice to fight for Tony's side. And her choice to fight for Steve Rogers in the end, after all. The fic is beautifully written, with stunning imagery. It has the kind of rhythmic and emotional qualities that make it perfect for podficcing. I hope you enjoy! :)
marvel_cinematic_universe  gen_fanwork  natasha_romanov  clint_barton  steve_rogers  vaysh11_reccer  vaysh11_performer  general_audiences  00:00:00-00:10:00  podfic 
april 2017 by podfic_love
podfic_love | MCU: Maybe Home Is Somewhere I'm Going Series, read by Quietnight
Maybe Home is Somewhere I'm Going
They were about fifty miles from Atlanta when Sam stirred and yawned awake in the passenger seat. “Morning,” Steve said: the sun had come up, but the two-lane road was still pretty empty, a little morning mist hanging low over the asphalt and in the trees.

Breaking News
“I’ve sent you keys,” Tony said. “I’ve emailed, I’ve texted, I’ve called. Pepper called. There is an entire floor of Stark Tower waiting for you to move in. And instead here you are living in a two-bedroom shack out in the open with your — extremely hot, by the way, nice job there — boyfriend. The paparazzi are going to eat you alive, Rogers.”

Rec Snippet: This part is told entirely from Tony's point-of-view, and it's where Quietnight – one of the best and most prolific podficcers in the MCU fandom – shines. Her Tony voice is simply brilliant - snarky, deadpan, fast, hysterical, arrogant and wholly enjoyable. I did not know that "superhero marriage ending in mayhem" was a trope in the MCU fandom before I listened to this podfic. It's warm and hilarious, and a perfect ending for the series.
marvel_cinematic_universe  steve_rogers/sam_wilson  vaysh11_reccer  quietnight_performer  explicit  02:00:00-02:30:00  podfic 
april 2017 by podfic_love
Rec: MCU: The Best Day Ever, read by freshbakedlady
Summary: The only thing Bucky hated these days more than surprises was knowing that the people around him knew more than he did about something that concerned him. Steve understood exactly why he had those aversions, but it made it hard to plan for Bucky's birthday.

Rec: Reccer Notes: Today is the 100th birthday of Bucky Barnes, and this – a painstakingly planned birthday schedule for Bucky – is the perfect podfic to listen to in celebration of this event. Read with smooth calm and fluidity by freshbakedlady.
marvel_cinematic_universe  vaysh11_reccer  freshbakedlady_performer  bucky_barnes/steve_rogers  teen_and_up  00:10:00-00:20:00  podfic 
march 2017 by podfic_love
Rec: MCU: All the Leaves Are Brown (and the sky is gray), read by Sisi_Rambles
Summary: The Winter Soldier's mission is nearly complete. Howard and Maria Stark are dead, leaving him to dispatch their four-year-old child. One quick twist of the neck is all it will take, but the Soldier finds he cannot do it. So instead of killing Tony Stark, the Winter Soldier takes him away to raise as his own.

Rec Snippet: Sisi_rambles does an awesome job of capturing the distinct but gradual changes in the tone of the Winter Soldier's words and voice, when he (sometimes through sheer exasperation) rediscovers what it means to take care of someone who needs him. And Sisi gets Tony's voice so right, as the shocked, tired, fretful, whining kid, and as the curious, brilliant man he grows up to be. It's a pleasure (and at times a heartbreak) to listen to this podfic.
marvel_cinematic_universe  bucky_barnes/steve_rogers  pepper_potts/tony_stark  teen_and_up  01:30:00-02:00:00  sisi_rambles_performer  vaysh11_reccer 
march 2017 by podfic_love
Rec: Marvel Cinematic Universe: Even a Miracle Needs a Hand by blackglass
Summary: When Darcy takes Clint home for the holidays as her fake boyfriend, he charms his way into the family, and into her pants heart.

Rec Snippet: Blackglass is a powerhouse reader, and shines particularly when she is performing Darcy Lewis. Here, we get that great Darcy voice, plus an entire clan of silly, lovely Lewises and a how-dare-you-be-this-charming-really Clint Barton.
flightjacket_reccer  blackglass_performer  marvel_cinematic_universe  clint_barton/darcy_lewis  01:00:00-01:30:00  general_audiences  podfic 
december 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: [MCU] Extremely Hot And Currently Female by greedy_dancer
Summary: But the point of all of this was that Tony was only a mortal, and when Thor’s very-hot-currently-female sibling showed up in his doorway he did not remember that this was a bad idea (Tony’s morality consisted more of remembering rules than actually believing in or understanding them) and so yes. He had sex with Loki.

And it was fantastic.

Reccer Notes: I love this podfic. The story is hilarious and a complete hoot but it’s greedy_dancer’s utter enthusiasm and joy that makes it for me. Her Tony and Loki are wonderfully voiced. And she’s so passionate and you can hear how much fun she’s having in every word and it just sweeps you along.
marvel_cinematic_universe  loki/tony_stark  sisi_rambles_reccer  greedy_dancer_performer  mature  01:00:00-01:30:00  podfic 
december 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: MCU: Stark, A.E., and Banner, R. Bruce. (2013)... by such_heights
Summary: “And so,” Tony concludes triumphantly, “you owe it to science, to yourself, and to the people of New York City to have tons of hot awesome monster sex with me.”

Rec Snippet: Reccer Notes: Because sometimes all you really want is monster sex for science and this podfic delivers. It’s hilarious, filled with vigorous (heh heh) science and hot porn. And so well read. such_heights’ Tony and Bruce are both fantastic and it’s a fun ride from start to finish.
marvel_cinematic_universe  bruce_banner/tony_stark  hulk/tony_stark  sisi_rambles_reccer  such_heights_performer  01:30:00-02:00:00  explicit  podfic 
november 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: Marvel Cinematic Universe: Loki and Toni's Excellent Adventure in World Saving by reena_jenkins
Summary: In which Loki and Toni try to save the world, Steve is obnoxious, Clint has no patience for artsy movies and there are cupcakes. And issues.

Rec Snippet: I put this podfic in my ears and instantly reena transports me to a post-Avengers Loki-sort-of-joins-the-Avengers rollicking adventure filled with banter and manipulation and drama. This is one of my favourite fem!Loki/fem!Tony fics and the podfic is just so amazing.
sisi_rambles_reccer  reena_jenkins_performer  marvel_cinematic_universe  loki/tony_stark  05:00:00-07:30:00  mature  podfic 
november 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: Avengers: Leader Of The Free World by Opalsong
Summary: Clint Barton’s presidential campaign started as a joke. It didn’t end that way, except for Steve.

Rec Snippet: As always, Opalsong does excellent pacing, editing, and delightful character voices! My favorites were Clint, very dry and not-so-secretly trolling you 100% of the time, and Tony “Head of the Shadow Cabinet” Stark.
marvel_cinematic_universe  steve_rogers/tony_stark  bucky_barnes/clint_barton  teen_and_up  01:30:00-02:00:00  opalsong_performer  codeswitch_reccer  podfic 
november 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: sushi pajamas (and other weapons of mass destruction), by shmaylor
Summary: Seven times the Avengers' weapons have liked Darcy better (and one time the Avenger liked her even more).

Reccer Notes: Shmaylor does a really nice job with everyone's voice, but most especially Darcy. The way she reads Darcy's snarky asides brings both the character and the story to life, and the whole thing is just really fun. Her complete disgust at Bucky and Steve talking about Twilight gives me liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife :D
marvel_cinematic_universe  darcy_lewis/steve_rogers  teen_and_up  00:45:00-1:00:00  podfic  kalakirya_reccer  shmaylor_performer 
october 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: MCU: The Hero's Journey or: What Jasper Sitwell Did Last Summer, by daroos
Summary: The thing is, when an agent reaches clearance level five, it’s because they’re valuable, capable of something an exponentially diminishing few can offer in the ranks of SHIELD. Clint Barton, his personal issues notwithstanding, is unstoppable behind a scope. Jim Woo is an analyst and extractor par excellence. Melinda May has infiltrated half the presidential offices of Asia, and Phil Coulson has an instinct for the unusual that could be the basis of an entire TV show.

Jasper’s less certain what he brings to the party

Rec snippet: The guest voices are quite good, but Daroos' Sitwell is excellent, and give the character a lot more depth than he got in the MCU itself - even if that depth comes by way of a mismatched dick and Formless Seed of Evil. It makes sense in context.
Unless you particularly avoid music in podfic, I recommend the music version - the music adds an amazing dimension to the whole thing; my favorite is In the Hall of the Mountain King, which is one of my favorite uses of music in podfic of all time :D
daroos_performer  kalakirya_reccer  marvel_cinematic_universe  welcome_to_night_vale  jemma_simmons/jasper_sitwell  general_audiences  02:30:00-03:00:00  podfic 
october 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: Hockey RPF: Shiny and New
Summary: Eric’s always been pretty discreet about hooking up with people, Cam can’t remember ever actually seeing him leave with anyone on these team outings. Most of the time he seems perfectly content to hang out with the team, hang out with Cam, even though he could hook up with just about anyone easily enough.

Very easily, Cam thinks, a little grimly, as Eric ducks his head a little and the lights catch in his hair.

Reccer Notes: I love this story, in which Eric is a secret virgin and Cam finds out. I love the podfic, which is so well done. duckgirlie's Cam voice as he comes to the realization of what's going on is great, and her pacing during the narration is so incredibly well done: full of subtle changes that pull you along with the story. The sex is really great, and one of my favorite lines ever is "you deserve some goddamn furniture". Also, Jordy is hilarious.
marvel_cinematic_universe  eric_staal/cam_ward  00:30:00-00:45:00  explicit  marianas_reccer  duckgirlie_performer  podfic 
october 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: MCU: The Internet is for Dragons By Blackglass
Summary: "Really, is anyone surprised at the existence of a Tumblr called 'fyhotguysandtinydragons'? Darcy Lewis isn't, and she's a devoted follower of the blog. What surprises her is when a familiar sweet and scaly face pops up on her feed. A story set in chapter ten of Merideath's dragon 'verse."

Rec Snippet: Blackglass is one of my favorite podficcers, and is definitely my go-to gal for anything Darcy related. This podfic is Steve/Darcy which I LOVE, but what really makes it amazing for me is how "slice-of-life" it is.
marvel_cinematic_universe  darcy_lewis/steve_rogers  miss_marina95_reccer  blackglass_performer  00:00:00-00:10:00  teen_and_up  podfic 
august 2016 by podfic_love
podfic_love | MCU: The Best Ways to Shut Up Tony Stark by RsCreighton
Summary: Tony, Steve, a college AU, and a mud pit. And then cleanup. Dirty, dirty cleanup.

Reccer Notes: Ok, this podfic was WONDERFUL. I've talked before about how much I love Rose's voice, but I truly do just love her tone and character voices and the way she reads.
miss_marina95_reccer  explicit  steve_rogers/tony_stark  00:45:00-1:00:00  rscreighton_performer  marvel_cinematic_universe  podfic 
july 2016 by podfic_love

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