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The Building of the House
So this is the story of how Peter finds and loses his father, sort of.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  gen/friendship  humour  angst  marvel:xmen  firstclass 
august 2018 by jennayra
At Tilde
Matilda turns hacker, impresses Tony Stark, and fails to be swayed by Charles Xavier.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  gen/friendship  crossover/fusion  marvel:avengers  marvel:xmen  matilda  humour  copperbadge 
august 2018 by jennayra
fathers and sons
“I have an – interest – in Peter Maximoff,” Erik said, somewhat grudgingly, glaring. “A – familial – interest –”

Everybody stared at him.

“In that – mutantkind is one – large – family –” Erik said valiantly, if pathetically.

“Oh, shit,” Alex said. “No way. No way.”
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august 2018 by jennayra
After Magneto of an X2-ish future succeeds in the unthinkable, Charles sends his consciousness back to 1962 to guide Erik away from the path that will lead to the genocide of the human race forty years hence.

Charles knows that Erik has always loved him, and intends to use this knowledge + sex to seduce Erik away from his ideals in his youth.

There's no way this well-thought-out, sensible, debugged and 100% bulletproof plan can possibly go wrong.
fandom  fanfic  marvel:xmen  firstclass  ao3  au  timetravel  erikcharles  humour  romance  slash 
august 2018 by jennayra
XMFC/Inception fusion AU. Erik is an extractor, Alex is his point man. They're assembling a team to go after the most dangerous mind in dreamsharing: Sebastian Shaw. But unless Alex and the team can keep him in check, Erik's desire for vengeance might just rip the whole job apart around them -- and then there's the shade that haunts his dreams...
fanfic  fandom  ao3  slash  marvel:xmen  firstclass  erikcharles  hankalex  crossover/fusion  inception  action  romance 
august 2018 by jennayra
In the aftermath of the Second World War, Erik Lehnsherr -- survivor of Dachau, former resistance fighter in Occupied Europe -- joins forces with US intelligence to hunt down escaped Nazis. A sensitive mission in Rio de Janeiro calls for Erik to recruit a new operative ... one nobody is sure whether to trust. Charles Xavier is the stepson of convicted Nazi spy Kurt Marko, a rapidly worsening drunkard and a homosexual who hardly even bothers to hide his predilections. Hardly ideal.

But Charles is the only person with any chance of getting close to Sebastian Shaw. The one man who might allow them to complete the mission.

And although Erik's business is keeping secrets, Charles brings something out in him that he's worked desperately to hide --
fanfic  fandom  marvel:xmen  firstclass  erikcharles  au  slash  romance  angst  action  ao3 
august 2018 by jennayra
Try, Try Again
The one where Erik does Groundhog Day on the beach.
fanfic  fandom  marvel:xmen  firstclass  erikcharles  romance  angst  au  crossover/fusion  fixfic  slash  livejournal 
november 2011 by jennayra
Marvel Universe: Throw My Head Away by Alestar (PG / 3,904 words)
"so, but," Bobby says. "That's, what. like, twenty years, with the same name. Don't you ever think about changing it?" / "Why're you askin', sugar?" She leans in, toward him. / Bobby shrugs. "I'm just trying to, y'know. I'm thinking about changing my codename."
!recced  marveluniverse  marvel:bobby/hank  marvel:xmen  personalsite  pg  <05000  domestic  introspective  talk 
april 2010 by coprime
Marvel Universe: Thou Shalt Not... by mice & wal_lace (PG / 3,892 words)
3) Regardless of the circumstances under which they are obtained, fowl are not to be plucked in the presence of members of the faculty. We don't want Warren to go catatonic all over again.
!recced  marveluniverse  marvel:xmen  livejournal  pg  <05000  funny  documentation 
april 2010 by coprime
Marvel Universe: The Accountancy Blues by Amanda Sichter (G / 3,502 words)
A thief, a hacker and an accountant walked into the IRS. Well, not walked as such. More sidled. / Through a window. / At midnight.
!recced  marveluniverse  marvel:bobby.drake  marvel:xmen  specializedarchive  g  <05000  humor  plotty  documentation 
april 2010 by coprime
Marvel Universe: You Did WHAT In A Cave? by Poi Lass (PG13 / 747 words)
"Yeah." said a third voice from the other side of the cave. "It's not every virgin gets an audience. Some people really get off on that." / "Ignore her chere. Dey can't see anyt'ing from all dat way over dere."
!recced  marveluniverse  marvel:remy/rogue  marvel:xmen  specializedarchive  pg13  <01000  humor  talk 
april 2010 by coprime
Marvel Universe: All Creatures Great and Small by Amanda Sichter (PG / 2,498 words)
The Beast knew they were in trouble when the cow flew into the window. / He didn't know it was a cow at first. All he heard was the juddering crash that seemed almost to rock the mansion, then the tinkling of broken glass, followed shortly by a thud.
!recced  !faves  marveluniverse  marvel:hank.mccoy  marvel:xmen  specializedarchive  pg  <02500  humor  interesting  neat  animals  originalchar  whatif  wings 
april 2009 by coprime

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