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You and I conspire and split the ground
Grandfather's boots are next, soft and worn where Father's are always polished to gleaming, and then Grandfather's hands, and then his face. He looks tired, under his beard, under his crown, but he is smiling when he reaches under the bed to her.

"My sister Daella used hide under her bed with her dollies, when we were small," he says, his voice very quiet and very gentle. "Will you come out, poppet? Your grandmother and I would like to speak with you a little, if we may."
fanfiction  fandom:asoiaf  author:SecondStarOnTheLeft  gen  pairing:doran  martell/rhaella  targaryen 
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author:secondstarontheleft  fandom:asoiaf  fanfiction  gen  pairing:doran  targaryen 

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