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Capital markets reform: MiFID II (
A lengthy paper on the impacts of mifid ii before it went live; interesting prospects on what could happen
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7 hours ago by paunit
Why Class Matters
Just to reiterate my main point: real utopias become viable when they span these two strategies, taming and eroding capitalism. That’s why it’s different from old-fashioned Bernsteinian evolutionary socialism. The role of the state in such a transformational project is to defend and expand the spaces in which alternatives are built from below, rather than for the state to provide, to be the central actor in the provision of needs.
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yesterday by petej
“@random_walker Perfect competition is only perfect under these conditions.” via Pocket
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6 days ago by ChristopherA
Promoter pledges on the rise: Here's how investors should proceed
Promoters usually pledge their shares to (a) provide additional collateral for maintaining debt lines; (b) increase promoter stake; (c) infuse capital in other promoter entities... risk accentuates when an increase in pledge is accompanied by a decrease in promoter holding,”..avoid stocks with (a) an increase in pledge shares in 3 out of 4 quarters; (b) significant pledge (>40%); (c) year-on-year decline in promoter holding.“Companies with high pledged shares could come under pressure and a retail investor could be in trouble if the lenders start selling the shares if the company is not able to meet the margin requirement. But, if the company has increased cash flow and good future prospects then pledging can help in enlargement of the company and will help the company to carry out new projects which will ultimately result in amplified future revenue,”
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7 days ago by thomas.kochi
Message Platform Slack Moves Ahead Amid Direct Listing Plans
The unicorns are finally going public. But not in a traditional way.

I didn’t know about direct listing before.

In an IPO, underwriters hammer out the number of shares to sell and at what price, and then take their fees out of the proceeds from an offering. A direct listing allows current investors to offer their stakes directly to new shareholders priced purely on demand.
business  markets  SiliconValley  vc  startups 
8 days ago by jefframnani
DHFL has a history of rising manifold after a plunge; can it repeat that feat?
Shares of non-banking finance company (NBFC) Dewan Housing FinanceNSE 0.15 % Corporation (DHFL) have eroded 80 per cent of investors’ wealth in the five months till February 1.Considering the financial health of the company, analysts are advising investors to avoid the scrip.But historical data suggests DHFL shares have the tendency to rally after falling as much as 80 per cent. Going by the share movement pattern of last 20 years, shares of the company have recovered smartly every time there has been such a damage.
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15 days ago by thomas.kochi
Election prospects changing fast for NDA; D-Street braces for re-rating
Kotak Institutional Equities:“We find it implausible for INC to cross 140-150 seats, which we believe would be necessary for an INC-led UPA-III government..CLSA:5 per cent decline in BJP votes and 100 per cent SP-BSP consolidation could lead to up to a 50-seat loss for the BJP, which will be the worst-case scenario.These concerns haven’t yet translated into portfolio actions, Nifty50 is trading at 18.7 times FY20 earnings, which is still at a premium to long-term average of 17.3 times..Opinion polls by India Today-Karvy and ABP-C-Voter over the past fortnight suggested that the NDA may to get 230-240 seats
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23 days ago by thomas.kochi
Common ownership of shares faces regulatory scrutiny | Financial Times
“Critics are asking whether mutual funds — long regarded as a benign and familiar force in the economy — might require regulation on the grounds that actually they harm consumers.”
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23 days ago by jayyy

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