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When Sales Isn’t Just Selling: Advice for Founders in Early Markets – Andreessen Horowitz
Sales in early markets should be about finding the few right customers strategically aligned with the vision of the company and the product
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50 minutes ago by jorgebarba
Most software founders, particularly in... | Buzzways
Stealing a line from @asmartbear which has paid for at least a year or two of my kids' education:

"If you go with BigCo, you can call them at 3 AM. Someone will listen to you politely, explain they have no solution, and open a ticket. If you call at 3 PM, same answer."
"You can't get a useless answer from me at 3 AM in the morning. But when I'm up, your business *really is* important to me. I am the engineering team. I will push fixes so fast you will be amazed. I *will* get this right because it *actually matters* to my business that I do."
Founders have to sell.
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6 hours ago by Chirael
Love Your Customers | Conversion Copy for Startups
LYC: where startup founders learn to write website & product copy that makes their audience say "Whoa—I need that."
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6 hours ago by cnu

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