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Map-marker icons | Noun Project
Treasure chest of map marker images for inspiration or for use under the creative commons license.
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7 weeks ago by searchmeister
My Human Kit - DIY and Digital Fabrication for humans, both disabled or not.
My Human Kit is an association aimed at developing health for all through invention, sharing and production of technical aids to disabled, achievable for and with the persons concerned. It invites people experiencing disabilities to become the center of gravity of their
own project, in other words to turn their limitation into motivation. To be involved in solving their problem to bring together a team using the combined power of solidarity (All Together), of homemade (Do It Yourself) and of digital manufacturing (FabLab)

The objective is to demonstrate and propagate “Humanlab” workshops where humans will learn how to repair themselves worldwide.
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february 2018 by cyberchucktx

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