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Write research documents online, together. - Authorea
Authorea is alive and kicking, it’s backed by Harvard University, and it’s especially useful for larger projects: you can collaborate on articles or book manuscripts simultaneously, one section per person. Behind the scenes, Authorea creates one text file for each section. Since there’s no one big document file, you can restructure the document easily. It will only change the order of file references in a table-of-contents file. This is similar to Marked, mmd_merge, and the book format of Leanpub. It’ll cost you some money to create private projects, though. Authorea is designed for Open Science where you’re encouraged to let other people see and fork your articlesIt’s like GitHub for scientific articles – it even supports LaTeX!
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yesterday by rsgranne
Pandoc vs Multimarkdown · jgm/pandoc Wiki
This showcases a bunch of advanced Pandoc features I didn't know about
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yesterday by neomindryan
Slate helps you create beautiful, intelligent, responsive API documentation.
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