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5,000 years ago, it was Eurasian Steppe nomads who became world's earliest dealers -…
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2 days ago by rdr
The Truth About the Effect Marijuana Has on Teens | Reader’s Digest
You may not think marijuana is "that bad"...but that might be because that's what people who want it legalized want you to think.
7 days ago by daniel.zappala
Should America legalize drugs? A new report may give legalizers pause. - Vox
a very confused writer equating legalisation with doctors and drug companies abusing fentanyl
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7 days ago by elsavio43
Canadian marijuana beer claims to contain a chemical 'decelerant' | Inverse
Earlier this year, Canadian “cannabis brewery startup” Province Brands announced it was on their way to creating a bonafide weed beer. Gail Anderson, professor of pharmacy at the UW, is quoted.
Anderson.Gail  School:Pharmacy  2018  natl  Inverse  marijuana  !UWitM 
7 days ago by uwnews
Medical Marijuana Law in Oklahoma - State Question 788 - Bryan Garrett Personal Injury Law Firm in OKC
Oklahoma starts to prepare for its medical marijuana program in development, but school leaders across the Sooner State have raised concerns as well as questions about the impact that it will have on school policy and students. The officials who come from the state Department of Education have many questions for their district leaders about …
Medical  Marijuana  Law  in  Oklahoma 
8 days ago by LocalBusiness
Hey, NZ, let’s talk about coz there’s a referendum coming up about whether and how to decriminalize. For…
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16 days ago by jcoffey42

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