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Bold move! My proposal on professional staff in is on the reserve list. Outstan…
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6 days ago by rafguns
RT : Today is about 👩‍🔬. Let's start by remembering a few of those women pioneers like and…
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5 weeks ago by whykay
Visit our online exhibition and learn how rose from humble beginnings to become the 1st woman to win a…
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8 weeks ago by verwinv
Quote by Marie Curie. Time to get to work. You have that strength in you too.
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november 2016 by dalcrose
November 7th in the day of her birthday we remember Marie Curie.
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november 2016 by dalcrose
RT : On this day in 1898, & Pierre Curie announced the discovery of radium. winners
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december 2015 by madjo
DarwinCatholic: Why Were The Trolls After Marie Curie in 1911?
RT : If you saw 's tweet on Einstein and Marie Curie, here's some background on why trolls were after Curie
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december 2014 by not_napoleon
My Great-Great-Aunt Discovered Francium. And It Killed Her.
75 years ago, Marguerite Perey unearthed an element on the periodic table while working as a technician in Marie Curie’s lab. Her achievement came at a great cost.
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december 2014 by grahams

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