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What you didn’t know about Marie Kondo
“I believe it was the god of tidying,” Kondo has said.
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5 weeks ago by thejaymo
Marie Kondo For Tech Nerds: All About Folding, But What About Folders?
Netflix’s super-successful Original centering on homekeeper-extraordinarie Marie Kondo has led to waves of people taking to social media to show off neat piles of clothing, or neatly partitioned drawers with impeccably-arranged utensils. But what about us, the tech folk, Miss Marie Kondo? Our massive screens, neverending tangles of cables, wires and connectors, piles of adapters,...

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Marie  Kondo  For  Tech  Nerds:  All  About  Folding  But  What  Folders? 
8 weeks ago by vrzone

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