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Stats for Lefties: Should I stay or should I go? Labour’s Brexit dilemma
With the government having finally put its proposed Brexit deal on the table, and with a Parliamentary vote imminent, the Labour Party and its 257 MPs face a dramatic test of their Brexit position.
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14 days ago by markhgn
Keith Boykin on Twitter: "For the last time, a 70% top marginal tax rate is not a "far-left idea." It was the longstanding American tradition until Reagan. The top marginal tax rate: 1945: 94% (Roosevelt) 1957: 91% (Eisenhower) 1964: 77% (Johnson) 1973: 7
“For the last time, a 70% top marginal tax rate is not a ‘far-left idea.’ It was the longstanding American tradition until Reagan.

“The top marginal tax rate:

“1945: 94% (Roosevelt)
“1957: 91% (Eisenhower)
“1964: 77% (Johnson)
“1973: 70% (Nixon)
“1986: 50% (Reagan)
“2018: 37% (Trump)”
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7 weeks ago by handcoding
(67) Brian Bauman - The United States (and most other countries¹), use...
a normal American making $43k per year has no reason to oppose such a tax.
1) They're nowhere close to having to pay it.
2) It's not egregious to those who would have to pay it.
3) It's not a new, untested, or radical policy.

And, more generally, average working people shouldn't concern themselves with protecting the financial interests of people who make in a year (after taxes) what most of the country would be thrilled to retire on. The only way an average person would be affected by such a tax is that the government would have more money for roads, bridges, schools, social programs, and other things that might actually improve the lives of $43k/year Americans all over the country.
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10 weeks ago by Quercki
Why Sex? And why only in Pairs? - Marginal REVOLUTION
The core conclusion is that mutations continue to rise with the number of sex-participating partners, but in simple Red Queen models the limiting features of the genotypes is the same whether there are two, three, or more partners.

Men Are Animals:
I agree with all the comments citing motility/sessility.
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january 2018 by nhaliday
Are Sunk Costs Fallacies? -
But to what extent is the sunk cost fallacy a real fallacy?
Below, I argue the following:
1. sunk costs are probably issues in big organizations
- but maybe not ones that can be helped
2. sunk costs are not issues in animals
3. sunk costs appear to exist in children & adults
- but many apparent instances of the fallacy are better explained as part of a learning strategy
- and there’s little evidence sunk cost-like behavior leads to actual problems in individuals
4. much of what we call sunk cost looks like simple carelessness & thoughtlessness
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december 2017 by nhaliday

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