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Fintan O'Toole: Are the English ready for self-government?
Let’s just say that if Theresa May were the head of a newly liberated African colony in the 1950s, British conservatives would have been pointing, half-ruefully, half-gleefully, in her direction and saying “See? Told you so — they just weren’t ready to rule themselves. Needed at least another generation of tutelage by the Mother Country.”

Brexit is a fabulous form of displacement – it acknowledges a profound and genuine unhappiness about how the British are governed but deflects it on to Europe.

It has merely marked out in bright red ink the fault-lines that have long been less vividly present – the drifting apart of England and Scotland; the economic and cultural divide between what Anthony Barnett calls “England-without-London” and the rest of the UK (Wales being the obvious anomaly); the social and geographic rifts between the winners and losers of the long Thatcherite revolution. Brexit, in a worst-of-all-worlds moment, brings all of these divisions to a head while doing absolutely nothing to address them.
by:FintanOToole  from:IrishTimes  Brexit  geo:UnitedKingdom  politics  TheresaMay  MargaretThatcher 
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Fightback against the billionaires: the radicals taking on the global elite
When Rutger Bregman and Winnie Byanyima spoke out about taxes at Davos they went viral. They talk with Winners Take All author Anand Giridharadas about why change is coming.
by:AnandGiridharadas  from:TheGuardian  AnandGiridharadas  RutgerBregman  WinnieByanyima  inequality  economics  politics  MargaretThatcher  RonaldReagan  geo:UnitedKingdom  geo:UnitedStates 
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Thread by @tfoale: "Adam, let me present you with some comparative economics, and then you tell me whether ANY Tory (and […]"
Twitter thread for anyone foolish enough still to think Thatcher's economics (and Cameron's, and to some extent Blair's) were anything other than catastrophically bad for Britain or that Brexit is even slightly a good idea.
by:ThomasFoale  from:Twitter  economics  politics  MargaretThatcher  DavidCameron  TonyBlair  GordonBrown  Brexit  geo:UnitedKingdom 
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Why Not Treat Northern Ireland Like Hong Kong, EU Suggests to U.K.
The EU has put forward an idea which would keep Northern Ireland in the bloc’s customs territory, while the rest of the U.K. leaves. This would mean there’s no need for checks on goods crossing the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

Theresa May’s government says this will never be acceptable to any British prime minister because it would compromise the constitutional integrity of the U.K. Separating the British mainland from Northern Ireland in this way would be impossible for the Democratic Unionist Party — which props up May’s minority government — to sign up to.

But — the counter argument goes — even China doesn’t think a bespoke customs deal undermines a country’s constitution. Beijing agreed to allow Hong Kong to operate by its own economic and customs rules even after Britain handed over power after 156 years in 1997. And this was in a deal negotiated by the famously tough “Iron Lady” of British politics: Margaret Thatcher.
by:TimRoss  from:Bloomberg  geo:NorthernIreland  geo:HongKong  geo:UnitedKingdom  Brexit  MargaretThatcher 
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A pomyśleć, że wcale nie tak dawno światem rządzili politycy tak wielkiego formatu.

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march 2018 by piotrwojcicki
No wonder the north is angry. Here’s a plan to bridge the bitter Brexit divide
Work by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University points out that old industrial Britain is still suffering from the consequences of the closure of factories and pits three or four decades ago. These communities have higher levels of unemployment and higher concentrations of people on disability benefit, and have suffered much more grievously from government welfare cuts. Unsurprisingly, they were also strongly in favour of leave.

North of the line that runs from the Severn estuary to the Wash, Brexit was the culmination of a 40-year process of de-industrialisation and casualisation of work. It was a protest about dead-end jobs, and about run-down communities being lorded over by London, talked down to and bossed around.
Imagine that the remainers have their way: a second referendum is held, and there is a different result, say 52%–48% the other way round. The clock is turned back to the Britain of 22 June 2016, life goes on as normal in London and the prosperous university towns, and the problems of the precariat are quietly forgotten. …

The same challenge, of course, faces the leave camp. It has promised the people of Stoke, Hartlepool, Doncaster and all the other places that voted to leave that life will get better. So far, the only alternatives have come from the right: either a low-tax, low-regulation Singapore-on-Thames model, or Theresa May’s empty promises to those “just about managing”. It is time for the left to come up with some ideas.
by:LarryElliott  from:CommentIsFree  economics  MargaretThatcher  TonyBlair  neoliberalism  geo:UnitedKingdom  Brexit  North–South 
november 2017 by owenblacker
Britain is still a world-beater at one thing: ripping off its own citizens
Across the UK there are more than 700 PFI projects with a capital value of around £55bn. It is estimated that they will cost the public more than £300bn.

These are all examples of the public losing control – over our bills, over our taxes, over our water and trains and schools. Will freeing ourselves of the shackles of the European court of justice or EU state aid rules or any other Brexiteer hobbyhorse allow us to “take back control”? On the basics that govern our lives we have lost sovereignty. Brussels didn’t sell us down the river: Thatcher, Blair and Cameron did.
by:AdityaChakrabortty  from:CommentIsFree  economics  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom  TonyBlair  GordonBrown  MargaretThatcher  DavidCameron  neoliberalism  privatisation 
august 2017 by owenblacker
The old Tory order is crumbling – it’s taken Grenfell for us to really see it
If any episode sums up the collapse of our own neoliberal era, it is surely Grenfell Tower. The right decry the “politicisation” of this human-made disaster, but to avoid talking about the politics of this calamity is like trying to understand rain without discussing weather, or illness without biology.

The Tories are desperately attempting to shore up a system that has engineered the longest squeeze in wages since the Napoleonic wars, with deteriorating public services, mediocre privatised utilities, a NHS plunged into “humanitarian crisis”, and exploding debt. It can’t even provide affordable, comfortable and safe housing for millions of its own citizens. It is incapable of meeting the needs and aspirations of the majority. The right, therefore, is left with a dilemma. It can either double down and make the ideological case for its failings and increasingly rejected system, or it can concede ground.
by:OwenJones  from:CommentIsFree  austerity  GrenfellTower  neoliberalism  inequality  Conservatives  economics  JeremyCorbyn  MargaretThatcher 
june 2017 by owenblacker
Margaret Thatcher: "I Smoked So Much Ecstasy I Thought I Was A Ferret"
MargaretThatcher  from twitter_favs
june 2017 by davidmarsden
The summer of discontent: Britain’s election offers little respite for its woes
The Germans have a word for it: Geschichtsmüdigkeit, a weariness of history. The British were weary enough when Theresa May called a surprise general election on April 18th. It is just two years since the country’s previous general election, and less than a year since the divisive referendum that saw it decide to quit the EU; in 2014 a referendum in Scotland also put the future of the United Kingdom to the vote. A monumentally dispiriting campaign has only deepened the weariness. Tedious as it all is, though, history is being made.

Brexit is the obvious reason. Whether it is Theresa May, the Conservative incumbent, who started from a position of strength but has campaigned poorly, or Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing Labour leader, the winner will be forced to reshape Britain’s place in the world in highly adverse circumstances. The next government will also have to re-examine domestic policies on everything from financial regulation to fisheries as Brussels’ writ comes to its end.

n has been dominated by neoliberalism, a creed that sought to adapt some of the tenets of classical 19th-century liberalism to a world in which the role of the state had grown much larger. It emphasised the virtues of rolling back that state through privatisation, deregulation and the reduction of taxes, particularly on the rich; of embracing globalisation, particularly the globalisation of finance; of controlling inflation and balancing budgets; and of allowing creative destruction full rein.

At this election, for the first time since the 1970s, that philosophy has no standard-bearer.
from:TheEconomist  politics  geo:UnitedKingdom  neoliberalism  NewLabour  MargaretThatcher  TonyBlair  economics  industry  Brexit  DavidCameron 
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