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RT : What about cubesats? They are in a solar orbit, now. MarCO-B, took this image of Mars from about 6,000 kilo…
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16 days ago by mshook
RT : A farewell image of Mars 🔴, 's new home, captured by one of the twin CubeSats that flew along wi…
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16 days ago by LibrariesVal
RT : We'll always have .

After relaying live communications for as it landed, the tiny B cubes…
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16 days ago by jokeefe
So long, , and thank you so much! You dared mighty things, and saw them through. So proud.
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16 days ago by jcoffey42
RT : Image of captured from a distance of 4,700 miles by
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16 days ago by mshook
Everything is "nominal" -- working perfectly! Congratulations to the team, the team, and to eve…
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16 days ago by dalcrose
Untitled (
is go for data flow! Signals from are transmitting to Earth now via cubesat relay.
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16 days ago by dalcrose
Just a moment...
S.1595 Hizballah International Financing Prevention Amendments Act of 2018, sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio, became law on October 25th, 2018
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6 weeks ago by sunlightfoundation
Marco Arment on Twitter: "I get questions like this a lot. Short answer: No. Smart Speed is the best-sounding silence skipper in the business. I derive more value from it remaining a competitive advantage than any (likely relatively little) money I could
I get questions like this a lot. Short answer: No.

Smart Speed is the best-sounding silence skipper in the business.

I derive more value from it remaining a competitive advantage than any (likely relatively little) money I could get by licensing it to others.
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august 2018 by dentarg
Cycling the Great Allegheny Passage
Cyclists riding the Great Allegheny Passage and the Cumberland and Ohio Canal can use this site as a source for information when planning their bike trip.
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may 2018 by mkatase

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