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Resource Description and Access (RDA) enhancement of MARC21 records.
rda  marc21  libraries  python 
february 2015 by mjlassila
structural marc problems you may encounter | Bibliographic Wilderness
This is not your typical 'why MARC must die' post. It's instead about very low level structural problems in a Marc21 binary file that my ILS outputs. It's not about the semantics of MARC at all, it's about the structural features of the Marc21 format. I never had to know much about low-level Marc21 format…
marc21  analysis  schema  data-quality  metadata-management  analytics  bibliomgraphic 
february 2015 by mjlassila
MARC 21: Varastotiedot
MARC21 holdings in Finnish, translated by NLF.
marc21  holdings  finnish  standard 
february 2014 by mjlassila

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