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Thumb drive carried by Mar-a-Lago intruder immediately installed files on a PC | Ars Technica
A Secret Service official speaking on background told Ars that the agency has strict policies over what devices can be connected to computers inside its network and that all of those policies were followed in the analysis of the malware carried by Zhang.

"No outside devices, hard drives, thumbdrives, et cetera would ever be plugged into, or could ever be plugged into, a secret service network," the official said. Instead, devices being analyzed are connected exclusively to forensic computers that are segregated from the agency network. Referring to the thumb drive confiscated from Zhang, the official said: "The agent didn’t pick it up and stick it into a Secret Service network computer to see what was on it." The agent didn't know why Ivanovich testified that the analysis was quickly halted when the connected computer became corrupted.

Monday's hearing raised yet another question about Secret Service security. Adler, the public defender representing Zhang, got agent Samuel Ivanovich to admit that "the agency that protects the president largely relied on Mar-a-Lago staff to determine whether to admit her, didn't see red flags in the devices she carried, and asked no further questions of Zhang once they believed she was related to another club member with the same last name—which is extremely common in China."

Expect more scrutiny of the event, the resulting investigation, and the lax policies that led to the breach to continue, possibly for months to come.
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Analysis | What could a hacker with a USB stick actually access at Mar-a-Lago?
There are still a number of questions about the events at Mar-a-Lago this weekend that remain unanswered. If it was a clumsy attempt to access the hotel’s network, it thankfully failed. But one of Barak’s central points was that a successful intrusion attempt by a determined hacker was all but inevitable.

We’re left to hope that Mar-a-Lago’s “IT security hygiene,” as he put it, is good enough to protect a facility that Trump likes to call the “winter White House.”
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‘You pay and you get in’: At Trump’s beach retreat, hundreds of customers — and growing security concerns
When a visitor approached the club, officers found she was not on the approved list — but let her in anyway after a Mar-a-Lago staffer suggested she might be the relative of a club member.

The woman, identified as Yujing Zhang, a Chinese national, was later arrested inside the club’s main building. Authorities said she was carrying four cellphones, a laptop and a thumb drive with malicious software.

“I’m surprised that she got in. But then again, I’m not surprised,” said Shannon Donnelly, the longtime society columnist for the Palm Beach Daily News who has covered Mar-a-Lago for years.

She described a situation in which the Secret Service is dealing with two missions, to keep the president safe and to keep his customers happy.
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Malware Arrest Exposes Security Gaps at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club
The arrest of a Chinese woman who carried a malware-laced device into Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s Florida resort, has exposed porous security at the private club and escalating tensions between Secret Service agents and the resort’s staff members, who vet guest lists and allow people onto the sprawling grounds.

At times neither side has had full clarity on who was entering Mar-a-Lago. Secret Service agents must rely on club receptionists and other employees to crosscheck visitors, former officials said.

Communication breakdowns allow for security breaches — like the one that happened on Saturday, with Mr. Trump in residence, when the woman, Yujing Zhang, 32, was arrested with four cellphones, a hard drive, a laptop and a malware-infected thumb drive. She said she was there to attend a “United Nations Friendship Event” that had never been scheduled at the resort.

Her arrest revealed gaps in Mr. Trump’s security and also the challenge of protecting a president who spends less time at the remote, fortified Camp David and more time at his busy resort with sometimes hundreds of guests. The normally tight-lipped Secret Service was so disturbed by the breach that it issued an unusual statement that effectively blamed the Mar-a-Lago staff for not tightly tracking the comings and goings of guests at the club.
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Federal authorities are reviewing whether President Donald Trump's private Mar-a-Lago resort could be vulnerable to foreign spying, a person familiar with the matter said Wednesday.

Disclosure of that inquiry follows the arrest on Saturday of a Chinese national, who arrived at the Palm Beach, Florida retreat the president has referred to as his Winter White House with two passports, four cellphones and a thumb drive that investigators said was infected with malware.

The criminal investigation involving the woman, Yujing Zhang, was continuing Wednesday. Federal authorities led by the FBI also launched an examination of potential intelligence vulnerabilities at Mar-a-Lago out of "an abundance of caution," as it was unclear what threat, if any, Zhang represented, said the person familiar with the probe, who was not authorized to comment publicly.
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Selling access to Trump
Brothel owner in Florida has a side business selling Chinese businessmen access to Trump via Mar-a-Lago
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RT : Here’s our analysis of federal, state and local political spending at since 2003-when Dem. Howard Dean he…
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RT : guest publicly vents on Instagram about the lack of mother of pearl spoons for caviar as well as "…
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Are the rumors true ?! You're throwing a New Years party at for $750.00 a plate and donat…
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Are the rumors true ?! You're throwing a New Years party at for $750.00 a plate and donat…
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Trump's petty grift
Receipt for overpriced hotel room at taxpayer expense. Trump personally benefits.
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Donald Trump gets millions from golf members, and lobbyists get access
You read a lot about conflicts & campaign donations. This isn't that. This is direct payments that enrich the POTUS.
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This is outrageous: actually used State Dept website to promote his hotel. Unbelievable.…
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