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Mapzen to the Linux Foundation
Details on the intellectual property situation
samsung  mapzen  linux  opensource  license  mapping  tootme 
january 2019 by nelson
Post Mortem III · Mapzen
Because we built everything like this, others joined in. They trusted that we were working on permanent infrastructure not tied to a specific company. Our gazetteer, routing engine, geocoder, tile server, and rendering engines were all set up as independent Github orgs with liberal licenses to ensure their durability. Others contribute to them, and their reach is wide. You’re using Mapzen’s legacy when you drive certain cars, play popular AR games, or interact with location data all over the Internet. Neither the shutdown of our hosted services nor the dissolution of the team can change this.
resilience  mapzen  mapping  opensource 
october 2018 by euler
Blockchain for POIs
Mapzen alumni form a new startup for places of interest, include a blockchain economy
maps  poi  places  mapzen 
july 2018 by nelson
Mapping Out Protocols
Randy Meech on achieving permanence in a tech company by focusing on protocols
protocols  maps  mapzen  randymeech 
april 2018 by nelson
Long-term support for Mapzen maps, vector & terrain tiles · Mapzen
Nice to see they are trying to still support users in the face of the shutdown
GIS  cartography  mapzen  map  tile  webdev  terrain  vector  mapping 
february 2018 by asteroza
Mapzen exit interview
Honest chat with an engineer at the closing map company
maps  osm  mapzen  exitinterview 
january 2018 by nelson
Mapzen Alternatives · Mapzen
Mapzen will cease operations at the end of January 2018, and its hosted APIs and all related support and services will turn off on February 1, 2018.

Your two options are to switch to another hosted API that offers similar functionality, or to run your own servers with the open-source projects that powered Mapzen services. We list several options below to make this as easy as possible.

Alternate services and hosted APIs
mapping  maps  resources  mapzen  reference 
january 2018 by euler
Who's On First, Chapter Two
More from the Mapzen shut down; a permanent gazetteer has a plan for the future
mapzen  whoseonfirst  gazetteer  maps  aaron 
january 2018 by nelson
Mapzen Alternatives
Remarkably good list of open source mapping tools and services, a sad side effect of the shutdown of Mapzen
mapzen  maps  osm  openstreetmap  opensource 
january 2018 by nelson
Mapzen shutdown
Very sad news, excellent open source mapping company is shutting down
mapzen  maps  osm  openstreetmap 
january 2018 by nelson
Using AWS Batch to Generate Mapzen Terrain Tiles · Mapzen
Using this setup on AWS Batch, we are able to generate more than 3.75 million tiles per minute and render the entire world in less than a week! These pre-rendered tiles get stored in S3 and are ready to use by anyone through the AWS Public Dataset or through Mapzen’s Terrain Tiles API.
mapzen  mapping  tiles  batch  aws  s3  lambda  docker 
december 2017 by jm

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