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Smaply Web Software — Visualize customer experience, 14 days free
Create professional personas, journey maps, stakeholder maps in minutes!
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17 hours ago by gwippich | Our home on native land
"Learn more about where you live. is a resource to help North Americans learn more about their local history.

Search your address, or add territories to map below and click on polygons to learn more."
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yesterday by robertogreco
Norman B. Leventhal Map Center
Humans have been delving below Earth’s surface for tens of thousands of years. From the earliest maps of the spiritual underworld made by ancient man, to digital maps of the seabed produced today, the human need to explore and envision the world beneath our feet is age-old. In this exhibition, you will see how ancient Romans carved vast underground catacombs, how minerals and natural resources have been studied, engineered and transported since the 19th century, how today’s scientific and cartographic advancements have enabled us to picture the entire ocean floor, and what lies below the streets of Boston. As you explore nearly 400 years of maps and images of the world below, you can compare the historical viewpoint with the modern, and see how we have advanced our perception and depiction of what lies beneath.
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yesterday by shannon_mattern
livecoding drone mapping paper
Dave's paper on drone mapping and livecoding
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yesterday by pixelpusher
Chancellor to unlock hidden value of government data - GOV.UK
Its first task will be to work with government and the Ordnance Survey by May 2018 to establish how to open up freely the OS MasterMap data to UK-based small businesses in particular.
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yesterday by paulbradshaw
New Muni Train Tracker
"LRV4 Tracker
Siemens S200
Muni has begun adding the new LRV4 trains into the fleet alongside the existing Breda LRVs.

Want to find out whether they're in service and where? The map on the right shows the locations of the new trains and the lines that they're operating on.

This map auto-updates,
no need to refresh!"
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2 days ago by robertogreco

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