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New England girls are skeptical of Canadian .

A hockey player bottle? Really, eh?🍁
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7 weeks ago by opticode
How to Make Homemade Mustard
Maybe more water. It was pretty thick. Quite spicy without the syrup, turmeric cayenne or horseradish
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9 weeks ago by bodeswell
Cwyn's Death By Tea: 2015 Quanjihao Manzhuan Cha Gao
Now, some of you think I meander on and on through my memories. But the truth is maple syrup and this cha gao both are all about a man standing over a large cooking pot of sap. Cha gao requires ratios of water to leaf at minimum 1:10. Mr. Quan used 1:18 for this tea…wasn’t 2015 a wet year for puerh, or just this Manzhuan? By comparison, maple syrup is usually a 1:40 ratio, so who stands over that boiling pot longer? I meander over my memories because from one part of the world to another, boiling sap from tree products is the same activity. You need a large soup pot, a lot of time on your hands, and maybe alcohol to drink. To get the best end result, you tread a fine line between making hard candy and burning the sap, between exquisite flavor and carbon dust.
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june 2018 by madamim
You can’t take a trip to Quebec without at least once visiting a Sugar Shack. I’m pretty sure that’s a law. Jürgen and I spent a sunny April afternoon at La Sucrerie de la Montagne, about an hour west of Montreal. We walked around the maple trees, peeked into the buckets, learned how the sap is boiled down, and enjoyed a hearty meal… all of it drenched in maple syrup, of course.
MapleSyrup  Quebec 
march 2018 by NightOwlCity

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