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RiffReporter: Dinge sind Interfaces
Wir begründen heute, am 8. Mai 2019 den Journalismus der Dinge. Das Internet der Dinge verändert die Welt grundlegend. Es gibt eine rasant zunehmende Zahl und Allgegenwärtigkeit vernetzter Geräte. via Pocket
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9 weeks ago by hansdorsch
Creative Leadership: My Four Rules
1. Don't speak ill of others.
2. Avoid passive aggressive behavior.
3. Listen broadly, but don't waffle on decisions.
4. When in error — admit, apologize, move forward.
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april 2019 by fogfish
<data>  |  Android Developers
Adds a data specification to an intent filter. The specification can be just a data type (the mimeType attribute), just a URI, or both a data type and a URI. A URI is specified by separate attributes for each of its parts: port attribute and all the path…
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february 2019 by lgtout

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